Harry's Chinese Food Adventure

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  1. heres one time where i made my friend run out of the store bustin his ass laughin, and then when he told my other friends in the parking lot, they all laughed.

    me and my friend where going to get chinese food. i ordered a combo of general tsu and pork fried rice. but i was tellin these kids what i wanted, and my friend was telling me not to tell the kids (who worked there i might add) what i wanted. i forget what he ordered, but his stuff came first. we got it to go, so he waited for me. finnally they call me and the lady goes "what sauce?" i look at her for a good 20 seconds not fully understanding what she was talking about, she then said "sauce? what kind of sauce?" and for some reason i geuss i thought buffalo wings and i go "Mild" and she looks at me this time with confusion. then realizes what i just said and goes "No, duck sauce, soy sauce, that kind of sauce" i say "oh no thanks" and then i turn around and my friends not there. i thought to myself "what a dick, he said he was gonna wait" so i started to walk around the building and i see my friends head stuck into "The Cubby" which was just a space under this Skateboard shop that we hung out at, the owner didnt care since we were there everyday to hang and skate. but i got there right when he finnished the story and i just heard everyone under there bust up laughing, and at that moment i realized... wow, im retarded.

    well, theres a story. i think its worth a read, but i can say it better in real life since you can see my face i make. and realize how much confusion i was in with that question. :) enjoy!
  2. lol. i love the chinese buffets, walkin in freshly blazed. The 1 time me n my boys went to 1 to eat. As i ate I was jus kinda lookin around watchin people, and I realized to myself that these Chinese waitresses arent even American, their trained in Chinese. They walk around and scope u out as soon as u put ur fork down there comin over to get your plate and get you out of there a.s.ap. . You finish 2 plates and their bringing your check over even if you arent even close to leaving yet. And then..... (after not saying anything to u since they asked u for ur drink order) every single one of them within 50 feet sees you reach in your pocket and you pull out your Stacks of $ they all walk over within 10 seconds of eachother sayin "thank you" "thank you" "thank you" "thank you" soo now they wanna be friendly. Fuck them but I love the food. lol. - freshly baked 2 blizzys to the dome. im out - 1
  3. i love chinese people
  4. i have a chinese freind...i just smile and say yes.

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