Harry Potter In The Hood

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. My homie says this shit is funny as hell. Unfortunately, my internet isn';t allowing me to play movies :( Anyways, I hope there is nothing too abd on here, or against the rules. If there is, then I'm sorry.

    It's my homies birthday and I promised him a few months back that'd we drink and smoke on his birthday. So far it's been 7 grams in blunts, a 24 oz Mickey's, and two millers high lifes (35 oz) and more smokingd. lol

    Is it funny?
  2. Check out this video: HARRY POTTER IN THE HOOD

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    haha forgot this :smoke:
  3. That shit has a fire ass beat, reminds me of some Snoop type shit but it was funny haha.
  4. That is pretty funny man. Hope u guys have a good night:smoke:
  5. thanks mayne, I had a good one :D lol, uhhhhh

    oh yeah, my computer jus let me watch this movie today! Shit's fly as fuck :p hahahaha. make sme wanna watch harry potter, gangsta version

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