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Harrison Decides to Smoke...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Natedogg7734, Jan 25, 2009.

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    Im a Regular Stoner....but this is weird

    last night i was hitting my spoon pipe. ( I Will Post A Picture If Requested, i just bought it from Gas Station well worth what i paid for)

    Ok So Lastnight I got my friend to smoke some weed, It was some Schwag, don't want to waste the dank on a new smoker, anyway...I got his ass to smoke two bowls by his self...I wanted him Blazed. he said he couldnt fill anything, im assuming it creeped up on him....

    it started out as a body high he said he felt like his legs were slow, which is Legit, I experince that too sometimes... we got upstairs and about 10 minutes later (i assumed it was a creeper) it hits him HARD! he is got the worst case of the giggles.. he laughed until he started to cry...he was laughing at his self saying he sounded weird and he wanted to have this high over with....he was negative about it....Ive never seen anyone stoned that didnt like it.....they usally wanna hit it more....he was saying "he wants it to be over" "Talking to our Never did a drug friend.."Never do it I regret it so bad"

    I want to know what made him experince negative things....Just curios HES MY BESTFRIEND I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE HIM SMOKE WITH ME EVERYDAY THAT WOULD BE TIGHT. I dont know what he can be told to have a posotive experince next time

    I dont know if it was because he was closed minded or what. I def want him to toke with me alot...:)
  2. Well the high is very intense the first time, so he was probably so much more stoned than you though. Id say if hes up to doing it again start out slow.
  3. Maybe not the best of ideas, you turned him off to it. Batties to a newbie.
  4. yeah IF he decides to do it again....yeah i smoked 2 bowls before him. but i mean its schwag it takes bowls of that to get me good. i thought i over did it but i wanted him to inhale good. i hate wasting it and first timers tend to do that, you feel me?
  5. yeah I i said im used to smoking loads of schwag with my homies i guess i was in the moment, its exciting to have your best freind smoke for the first time....and he is smart... he never declined XD the bowls.
  6. Well to try to stop the situation from getting worse and it embedding is his head, therefore he wont smoke again or for a long time, say sorry. Be like man I messed up and didn't think that 2 bowls would be too much for a first time smoker. Make it seem like you are REALLY sorry and than start joking a little bit about how messed up he was acting.

    Than ask him next time he comes, or when you try talking to him, if he would like to take just a few hits etc. I would say 2 good hits of Dank would be perfect... I wouldn't do schwag again.
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    how much Schwag though. i am giving a gift of a pipe and a a brother...i am not used to this shitty ass bud but hey it gets the job done for him.
  8. Well. It is sort of hard to answer this without seeing it and smoking it but if it is really schwag, maybe half a bowl if two bowls made it uncomfortable.

    The good thing is that you can take your time. He dosen't have to smoke it all at once, it could be like take one hit, wait 15 mins, take another, repeat until he starts feeling it, than ask him if it is uncomfortable, if not hit another than he should be set.

    I wish someone helped me my first time. I was interested so I have to get my own shit and than I rolled it using paper from my text book. (Not normal paper it was slick and tasted really weird when I smoked.)
  9. Seems like he already had negative feelings toward the drug. If you go into an experience thinking it will be bad, it most likely will. If you educated him on the benefits and relative harmlessness of marijuana he might get over his bad trips.
  10. Thanks Arts, I appericate it, and he will too!! yeah when you have 3 older bros 28 25 and 23 and live in houston. you get bored and love to experiment with all types of stuff.

    only in houston.
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    yeah thats true.
  12. Yea, as newbie all you need is 2-3 hits to start feeling nice.:smoking:

    Maybe he would of enjoyed it more if you smoked some of that good bud.
  13. hes ur best friend and smoking for the first time and u had dank but made him smoke schwag... thats kinda lame.
  14. I wanted him to make sure he knows what he was doing. haha I will have him hit up my skunk when he actually will
  15. explain to him that he should be enjoying the feelings, and to get over all the negativity he was associating with weed, he needs to clear his mind and just concentrate on enjoying it. I was like that for a long time.. every time i'd smoke in a month i'd only take like one hit.. and then i'd be uncomfortably high.. I have no clue why it was like that, but it definatly was scary a lot of the times.. until i just told myself "HAY! quit bein' a pussy and enjoy this shit"
    the next day i did 5 bowls out of a bong with my buddies at their place. high as a mother fucker played guitar for 2 hours.
  16. lmao...Harrison decides to smoke, sounds like a movie...

    Anyways, my first few times getting stoned were pretty intense, you dont really know what to expect so your overwhelmed and you panic, this is what porbably happened with him, just tell em next times wont be so bad and tell em not to panic nothings gunna happen to em for getting too stoned.

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