Harold & Kumar

Discussion in 'General' started by pistolgrip, Apr 27, 2008.

  1. just saw it last night, it's fucking hilarious. better than the first one.

  2. you really thought so? i saw it last night too and didn't think it was better than the first one. it was definitely good (rob corddry was hilarious) but i also saw forgetting sarah marshal last weekend and thought it was way funnier.
  3. you ready for your cock sandwhich?
  4. yeah I saw it friday night. I liked it, but I didn't think it was as good as the first one. Still very funny tho.
  5. uhhh.... You mean cockmeat sandwich?
  6. i was hoping they would set it up for a 3rd.
  7. i think it was better than the first one.. it actually had multiple different styles of comedy, instead of just stoner comedy(which i like, but gets boring).... bush was hilarious in it, and so was the inbred son part
  8. im in on the better than the first one side.

    "do you even wipe?"
  9. helarious.. all i got 2 say.
  10. Yea brother that movie is off the hook. Nothing gets better with that one.
  11. i think its better then the first one.

    but its probably because of the whole experiance of getting stoned then going to see it in theatres.
  12. yeah thanks man I tend to be forgetful:p
  13. that movie is so funny...i think its better than the 1st one
  14. LOL. Airplane scene was priceless.

    I was dying when the old people yelled "Poison Gas!"
  15. I thought it was no where close to the first one.

    The jokes were all kind of planned out it seemed, unlike the first one where no one could have thought any of that stuff was going to happen (i.e. jail scene, cheetah, asian party)

    I thought they scene with the hicks (bro and sis) was almost a copy of the first movies scene with freakshow and the great looking wife.
  16. "It's OK everyone, its just a bong"


    *vaporizer cracks*

    "POISON GAS!!!!!!!!!!!"

    I liked H+K 2 better than 1 only because it connected to different audiences who may not understand the awesomeness of munchies (H+K 1). It is still a stoner movie for sure but those who were NOT baked at the time still seemed to enjoy it...:smoke:
  17. the movie was funny there is no doubt about that. the first one was better, but i think forgetting sarah marshall takes the cake. that movie is a instant classic in my eyes....infact im making a thread about it right now!
  18. told my mum i was going to see it with some kids, then went and got drunk, did some bong hits and ate a slim jim.

    It was fantastic!
  19. Oh may I was dying when that fool grabbed the grape pop "I'm gonna keep pouring it until you talk damnit!" oh man that was too fucked up but too funny. I liked it cuase they had good political jokes and of course cause George Bush got high too lmao. But yeah I definitely was not disappointed.
  20. hahah hes like do you like giving handjobs? do you like getting handjobs? then your a hypocriticizer too!

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