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Discussion in 'General' started by Michael Bolton, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. it looks good i may check it out
  2. apparently my friends who saw it sober said it wasn't that funny. i was high and i wonder just how much of a difference that made. i just know that it was full of stoner jokes and several times i found myself laughing at stupid things that only a pothead would.
  3. i went there and blazed before. but our dumbasses left all our wallets at home so we had no money to get in. that sucked
  4. not when you're high. harold and kumar made them look so damn good. white castle is usually the last place you go, because you only go there when you have the cravings.

  5. yea man sliders are fucking gross

  6. Damn right. I can't stand the nasty little fuckers.
  7. The guy who plays Kumar is a vegetarian...
    They had to replace his burges with veggie burgers when they filmed...

    So in that respect, they're not ALL the nasty little fuckers we know...
    They just looks like them...
  8. God damn this movie kicked ass!

    Go see it now!! :)
  9. i agree, i just saw some of it today again and it was just as funny sober.
  10. man we got a free sneak preview of the movie like 2 weeks ago on campus, so me n some homies got hella tickets and got baaaaked beforehand, then went in and sved seats. and when i was already fuckin faded, we went itno some random ass stairwell and i flipped a joint @ the obttem and we were doen for!! the movie was fuckin HILARIOUS but my only complaint is that lot s of thje jokes are eitehr stolen or overused from other movies. whutever, i still recommend gettin fucked up and watchin it!! holllla


    Blazed Big Burd
  11. We smoked a handful of blunts and went to see a movie, but decided on The Village instead of Harold and Kumar.

    Kinda off topic, anyone see the Village? What a fucking weird movie. Weird and stupid.
  12. From what I heard and read, The Village sucked. I already know the twist, so im not gonna see it in theaters. Maybe when its out on DVD.

    But man, make sure you check out Harold and Kumar. :)
  13. is that movie comin out in england? just i havent even heard of it before or seen anything about it
  14. i like crysal burger i like the sack of chicks. my friend said it was funny im going to go see it soon
  15. i watched this tonight with some buddies, very funny when ur stoned. the anti-weed commercial they watched had me crackin up
  16. Same situation VW...

    The Village was good up until the twist, then it just pissed me off. I didnt like the ending very much either.
  17. that was a fuckin funnyass movie. the funny parts were the commercial and the fat guy makin dinosaur noises hahahahahaha
  18. I just got back from seeing it. I must say IT ROCKS. I loved it.
  19. I just saw it. I found it really funny.

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