harold and kumar

Discussion in 'Movies' started by dr dre, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. kumar PATEL????? his dad is a DOCTOR???? what are they implying???? did anyone else realize this?????
  2. lol, what

  3. Regardless the first film they did was a classic easily
  4. My pediatrician when I was young was Dr. Patel. It seems to be a fairly common Indian name. I fail to see your issue.
  5. Yeah?

    It's not uncommon to see Indian people in the Medical field. LoL It's not like it's a negative stereotype.

    I'm not the one doing all that school, makin' the fat cash.
  6. havent you guys ever heard of dr patel aka dr death? google it
  7. Nope, never heard of dr.death being dr.patel.

    I like that Kumar is really smart (did calculus when he was 11) but is a lazy fcking pothead.

    I still can't figure out how harold and kumar end up getting 2 amazingly hot chicks by the end of the second film.

  8. Why ?

  9. ....Still waiting...................:bongin:.......
  10. Hmm, cool. Good catch.
  11. dude patel is to india as smith is to america.

    calm down.

  12. yeah but dr death is named dr patel so why would they go with that name if kumars dad is a doctor when he could be any other indian name thats all im saying

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