Harold and kumar stoner series

Discussion in 'Movies' started by BudJuanaMan420, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. Hey Stoners of the planet earth!!! what movie do you guys like better harold and kumar go to whitecastle or harold and kumar go to guantanamo bay?? and wat r your thoughts on these two flicks ive been watchen the second one quite frequently stoned its funny every time!:smoke:
  2. i liked the sequel better but maybe thats just cuz its new
  3. Come on pookie, lets burn this mother fucker down!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. lmao, classic.
  5. neil patrick harris kicked ass in both of em
    liked the first one more tho
  6. they were both pretty good, i finally just saw the second one about 2 days ago... i was expecting worse! :D
  7. finally got my ass to the video store to see this.... didn't catch it in the theaters....

    enjoyable..... there were some outrageous scenes....

    and i liked the seed shop at the end...... yeah definately been there.... the pic is in the sig
  8. I liked the second one a lot better than the first one. I especially liked the parts with [hide]Bush[/hide]. Very funny.

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