Harold and Kumar Bong

Discussion in 'General' started by Bendah!, Sep 24, 2007.

  1. Anyone seen Harold and Kumar go to White Castle?

    Remember the scene where they are smoking up? Well I think the bong they used was quite a nice one and I'm hoping I can get the same one for myself.

    Any ideas as to where I might be able to get it?

    I'll post a picture of the scene containing the bong if it is necessary.
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  2. post the pic
  3. Finding a screen cap is impossible, heh

  4. .....
  5. I clearly did not plan ahead.
  6. i have that problem alot...

    if i remember correctly, its just a big plexi bong...

    if not sorry, i forgot most of that movie...:smoking:
  7. It's half blue and half white glass, or so it seems.

    The whole thing is about 30cm (approximately 11 inches)
  8. I was stoned when Iwatched it, mymemory isnt what it used to be
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  10. Thanks Rocker smoker lol.

    The visible side in the screen cap (at very low res unfortunately) is the white side, the back side is blue.
  11. ahh. all praise VLC media player

    here's a better shot
  12. Im sorry I cant tell you where to get the bong but that is a damn funny screencap Palmer rofl

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