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    What is _______ without ________(opposite of first space)?

    What is left without right?
    What is good without evil?

    We _____ the _____(opposite of the first space).

    We light the dark.
    We straighten the bend.
    We mend the break.

    We _____ the un_______able.

    We love the unlovable.
    We accept the unacceptable.
    We open the unopenable.
    We govern the ungovernable.
    We forget the unforgettable.

    See what you can come up with. It's a lotta fun, I promise.

    Make up your own rules if you feel the surge of the urge.
  2. What is WEED, without MUSIC?

    We LIGHT the JOINT,


  3. What is ignorance without knowledge?

    We love to hate.

    We touch the untouchables.

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