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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by bucchieri87, Sep 26, 2007.

  1. So check this. I'm building a box, 4 feet wide x 3 feet deep x 5 feet tall.

    Here are the components I'm using.

    14-plant hydroflora hydroponics system from sunlight sheds.
    400W HPS light w/ mh conversion bulb
    CAP AIR-1 Temp/Humidity controller
    HCT-1 Hydrocycle timer
    dayton 265cfm blower attached to a carbon filter from sunlight sheds.
    and a digital timer for the lights.
    6" circulating fan mounted on the inside.

    i'm putting 2mil mylar on the inside of the box, and i'm using adjustable light hangers.

    any forseeable problems? i'm particularly concerned about heat buildup, and bringing in enough fersh air via vent holes at the bottom. should i be straight with this rig?
  2. Looks alright i suppose but good luck on keeping it under 100 degrees in there haha
  3. so how many cfm's are we talking to keep this thing cool?
  4. if i were to change over to a 6 bulb t5 fixture, would heat still be an issue. and if i did this, should i mix the bulbs, 3 6500k and 3 3000k bulbs, or just go all the same for the veg and flowering stages respectively?
  5. Heat wouldnt be an issue but even with T-5's in a small area they do get hot, so still keep it vented well, I would say get 6 of each bulb and experiment to find out what your plant likes, you can mix and match all you want to see what it likes, different plants like different spectrums for different lights...
  6. thanks for the info.
  7. So I've decided to go with a dayton 465cfm blower on the carbon filter. assuming i can keep the ambient air temp in the 74-76 degree range, am i still going to have temp problems?

    would an intake fan help at all?

    i'm kinda stuck now as i've ordered the 400watt hps, and i need to find a way to make it work out without creating a weed oven. =o
  8. I think thatll be ok, but kinda depends on the ambient temp of the air being pulled through the inlets. Like you I started with a smaller fan but struggled to keep the temps down. Im now waiting for a 5" ruck fan, which should do the trick.

    Good luck.
  9. if you have an intake and exhaust fans built onto the side of the box as well as your 6" ones blowing directly at the plants I dont think heat will be a problem with a 400W... just make sure to keep adding more if it gets hot quick, heats okay on the plants for a short time before it starts doing damage
  10. the only problem i see so far is that you are using a 400 watt bulb for 14 plants....as you should know that the general rule is 100 watts per plant for flowering....so 400/14 is around 28.5 watts per plant...almost a quarter of what you should have...honestly if you have fewer planst you can yield more...just look at rumples grows, dwc is a crazy method for growing large
  11. didnt even catch that haha
  12. Wow, I didn't even know that. i don't know if anyone has any expierience using the hydroflora system from sunlight sheds, but it looks pretty modular, as in i dont have to grow 14 plants.

    anyone ever used one of these systems? thoughts and opinions on it?

    thanks for the infor guys, its helpful as can be. :smoke:

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