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Harmful Effects of Marijuana List

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nahitscool, May 15, 2010.

  1. Hey so a few days ago a drug councilor came into our school, talked and handed out theses papers telling us the harmful effects of marijuana. So i typed it up to see what you guys though of it.

    Brain & Central Nervous System- impaired thinking, mood, memory, and coordination

    • Marijuana (thc) is an extremely powerful and pleasurable intoxicant. It effects, alters, and damages brain cells controlling thinking, emotion, pleasure, coordination, mood, and memory. The pituitary gland is also damaged which regulates hunger, thirst, blood pressure, sexual behavior, and releases of sex hormones.

    • Marijuana accumulates in the microscopic spaces between nerve cells in the brain – called ”synapses.” This clogging interferes by slowing and impairing transfer of critical information.

    • Long term use causes the brain to stop production of brain chemicals necessary to “feel good”- a negative feedback condition. And, the user becomes chemically addicted to marijuana.


    • Speeds up heartbeat as much as 50%, increases blood pressure, and poses great risk to those with hypertension and heart disease.


    • Marijuana damages the network of glands, organ, and hormones involved in growth and development, energy levels, and reproduction.

    • Pituitary Gland

    • Thyroid gland

    • Stomach duodenum

    • Pancreas

    • Adrenal glands

    • Testis


    • Marijuana use can decrease and degenerate sperm count,movement, and cause lowered sex drive. Females can have egg damage, suppression of ovulation, disrupt menstrual cycles, and alteration of hormone levels.

    • Regular use during pregnancy can lower birth weight and cause abnormalities similar to fetal alcohol Syndrome- small head, irritability, poor growth and development.

    • Can destroy the number of chromosomes, resulting in cell abnormalities and impaired function.


    • Distortion of perception, thinking, and reality

    • Dificulty in forming concepts and thoughts

    • Poor concentration

    • Mental confusionloss of motivation

    • Wide mood swings

    • Aggression and hostility

    • Depression, anxiety, and paranoia


    • Sleepy looking, bloodshot eyes with dilated pupils.


    • Irritates membranes of the esophagus increasing chance of developing cancer of larynx and esophagus.


    • Significant Damage and destruction of the air sacs of the lungs, reducing the lungs ability to bring in oxygen and remove carbon dioxide – Emphysema.

    • Causes bronchial tubes to be inflamed, thickened, and to produce more mucus, resulting in narrowing of the air passages-chronic Bronchitis.

    • Marijuana smoke has twice as much “tar” as cigarette smoke and significantly increasing chance of lung cancer, inflammation and infection.


    • Marijuana depresses immune system' avility to protect itself and body against invading bacteria, viruses, chemicals, foreign particles, parisites fungal microorganisms, infections, and decreases ability to protect and prevent growth of cancer cells throughout the body.

    • Thymus

    • Lymph system

    • Spleen

    • Stomach duodenum

    • Bone marrow
  2. HAHAHA sources please. I want journals
  3. Uh it says "Bruce Algra's HEALTH AND DRUG EDUCATION SERIES"
  4. Yea let us all be educated by the people who believe painkillers are the solution to all our problems.

    That list is bullshit.
  5. I'm looking at their website right now it's a load of propaganda bull shit
    Marijuana use can decrease and degenerate sperm count,movement, and cause lowered sex drive. Females can have egg damage, suppression of ovulation, disrupt menstrual cycles, and alteration of hormone levels."

    The fuck thats the opposite of what marijuana does if uve ever seen super high me u will know it boosts sperm count if u are a male that uses marijuana u will see how much plumper ur balls get the day after smoking and u will know that its more pleasurable to fuck Lowering sex drive thats like saying iagra makes ur dick smaller
  7. straight bullshit
  8. how does it reduce motivation stupid govt propaganda

  9. :laughing:
  10. And cigarette tobacco is grown with radioactive fertilizer, and multiple byproducts to get smokers addicted (rat poison)?
    Pretty sure that we all know how naturally marijuana is grown, seeing as how its not government controlled.
  11. Decrease in sex drive? I fuck like an animal when I'm high. I've never had an issue with being sexually aroused even when super stoned.

    Aggression and hostility? That's just a straight joke, like the rest of that paper.

    There's no sources they can show to even link marijuana to causing birth defects. A lot of pregnant women over the years have used marijuana to ease their pregnancy pains.
  12. Wow, lets all make this, its way more healthier.

  13. LOL guys why even argue with this stupid bullshit, we know the OPbelieves this complete and utter propaganda what makes you think well change his mind.

    Go watch The Union and check out Granny Storm Crows list. Maybe pick up a fucking HT magazine while your at it.

    And the fact that you would continue to use cannabis if you truly believed all of this is mind boggling.
  14. #14 nahitscool, May 15, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 15, 2010
    So is there any truth to this list? Because some of it seems true but other parts sound like straight up bull shit from the 60s.

    And to "NYCdeisel" You need to calm the fuck down i never said i believed everything in that paper all i said was that i typed it up so you all could see it and give me your input. Ive already watched the union along with super high me and grass. I knows whats up i just like to be see and hear both sides of the story.

  15. Bullshit. All of it.
  16. Can you please say wich part sound true?
  17. ive smoked EXTREMLY heavily for the past 2 years ive smoked and i honestly regret getting so addicted, people who dont think marajuana isnt harmfull just dont smoke enough
  18. What ?! Even by '74 there was scientific evidence showing that cannabis shrinks brain tumors.
  19. Well i know that your heart rate does increase while your high. And the central nervous system part sounds like its a little true because if i smoke heavily for a entire weekend, on Monday i feel like its a little hard to concentrate and i definitely have mood swings.

  20. I'll put the answers in italics.


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