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  1. I have an opportunity to pick up some grade A harlequin (high CBD strain). The catch is it is pretty pricey. For those who have tried high CBD strains, is it worth it? Is there a recreational value to CBD or is it strictly medicinal? Will I be disappointed by my purchase if I am expecting a "typical" buzz? If anyone who has tried harlequin could post their experiences with this strain and/or combining this strain with other bud, I would really appreciate it!:hello:

    For those who don't know, Harlequin is a strain that has been bred to have a high CBD content. This batch of Harlequin has a THC% of 5.9 and a CBD% of 13.3%. I've read on other threads that CBD has more of a body, anti-anxiety high. I'm looking for something that will give me a tingly, numbing body buzz. Will this do the trick?
  2. I would pay it. I'm all for the advancement of CBD specific strains
  3. I dont give a fuck till its whipped up into some tasty Wax or Budder :cool:
  4. I'd love to try high CBD strain and see the difference. I'd be concerned about it knocking me out or couchlocking me like a strong indica. Is that how it works or is it unrelated to CBD content?
  5. Can't really go wrong with it, itll be a nice change up regardless
  6. It won't give you anywhere near the head high/stoney buz as reagular bud. But it is very relaxing and IMO worth the $.

  7. No no no, I'm not sure specifically what causes that couch lock, perhaps some of the indica terpenes combine with high THC cause this effect.. but high CBD causes a relaxing effect but absolutely NOT a couch locking effect from everything I've heard, they are more like behind the scenes medicinal value and have very low mild to no psychoactive effects (depending on CBD/THC ratio) but I've heard they have an incredibly powerful body high and are very chill and relaxing!

  8. My partner has Crohn's and was in a car accident that shattered her pelvis along with all her ribs (among other bones) on her left side.  She uses this in a tincure form and does not receive any high but has reduced pain, less anxiety, more energy, and less bowel inflammation.  It has taken the place of a few perscription meds that are hard on the liver and kidneys as well as opiates and benzo's.  It has been an absolute miracle drug for her, especially since she absolutely hates being high.
    With that being said, if you smoke enough you can certainly get high, but if that is your primary aim, you're better off going somewhere else.  I cannot stress enough how beneficial this strain can be for people with serious pain, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, inflammation, etc.
    CBD strains will usher in the legalization of marijuana and help countless people in the years to come. Europe and Israel were the first to start research on this cannabinoid and now California and Colorado are catching up fast, if not surpassing the work that has been done across the Atlantic.  Just google Charlotte's Web strain and you'll know what I'm talking about. Take this from a couple that was incredibly sceptacle at first and assumed medical marijuana was just a "grey market" for the flower.
    I've always been for full legalization of marijuana, but until the last 6 months would have never dreamed just how beneficial it could be as a medicine.
    I created this account just to comment on this strand.
  9. I tried AC DC gave me a overwhelming head high and cause a axiety atack it was pretty awful
  10. High CBD strains are definitely a different experience. It's more body focused, with only a mild head high. If you're concerned about the traditional high, you can beef it up with some kief, but the truth is the point of a strain like that isn't exactly about pleasure. It feels great to have all those aches and pains loosen up - there's always a moment for me where I think, "I feel like a human being again." Y'know, instead of a collection of barely managed injuries.

    But it is pleasurable, and you're probably going to feel great the next morning. I'd just suggest that you judge it on it's own merits, and not as a literal comparison to whatever you're used to smoking.
  11. I have some in my stash that has been there for over a year. I don't like the taste, I don't get a good high from it. Not going there again but then maybe it's not intended for what I have. Hope it works for others.

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