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HariKari to you all, and muthaphukkaz gonna eat my carrot.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by D9_THC, Jan 25, 2003.

  1. *cough*

    firstly, i'm rather intoxicated right now... been smoking "cannabis" all day. a "1/2 ounce" in total between a few friends.
    secondly, this fish in my hair is starting to piss me off..... all i did was give him some cheese and he went mental....
    there I amtrying to totally sodomise my bong when the fish jumps out shouting BRAAAIINNNSSSS........ but it sounded more like CHEEEESSSSSEEEEEE, but spelt more like POO
    a little helphere people with the fish situatin

    yaddayadda says I. let's put all these hair/brain/cheese/poo/fish/maybe/fish/tool are a rockin band/hair eating fish onto one big boat..... and sinkit!!! that'll teach the bastards! let em drown!!

    damn those fish.... and their.... fishiness...

    anyone else have a fish in their hair?
  2. I had that problem too when i was sober


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  4. heheheheheh

    megatron was the shit

    "I'll rip out your optics!!"
  5. "You're an idiot, Starscream."

  6. "open , dammit open"

    i wonder if thats where the movie matrix got its name from.,.,
  7. a matrix is a part of a computer... but i want Prime's one.... way better than a PC :D

    .... woah... just had another bong.

    / \
    | |
    | @ @ |
    | |
    | L |
    | |
    | \ / |
    | \_/ /
    \ /
  8. el burro has fish in his hair

    ah..to be stoned..as i am..requires much marijuana.

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