Hardy strains ?

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  1. Hey guys I wanted to know what breeder or strain you have tried or just know of with good bushes ? Ones that need no training and easy to grow ? I am not concerned with thc levels. ( I’m a light weight so all weed is strong to me )
  2. I used www.MSNL.com to look at beginner strains and easy to grow etc. Check it out.
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  3. I’m a big fan of Ethos Genetics. Currently running the Rainmaker and it’s been a pleasure to grow.
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  4. I follow them on IG I picked up some inzane in the membrane seeds to try. They have some other ones I want to buy as well. I’m glad you mentioned them. I was also looking at Dutch passion I see a lot of their plants get big and robust.

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  5. Where are you located? I know of some great strains here in Canada.

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  6. I’m in USA.
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  7. I believe they ship international
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  8. I can only assume that all the seed companies are selling the strains they say they are .
    I ordered my seeds from www.MSNL.com
    The strains I bought was Amnesia Haze and AK 47.
    I harvested about a week ago. a few small buds are dry enough to smoke , personally I think I got the best weed in town ..
    Good luck
  9. True North seeds (aka Canuk seeds) out of Canada will get them to you in a weeks time, maybe 10 days at the most....I have bought seed from all over and have been having GREAT luck with everything I have been getting from them....The percentage of 'keeper' phenotypes in a strain group is higher than any other place (IMO).....And thats with their own strains....they also broker for many quality breeders....Stick with some easy growing classics to get going...There are plenty and ALL offer a real good kick...Ease doesn't mean low thc these days....get something like AK47, skunk#1, Northern lights, or their own OG kush....ANYONE of those is easy, yields good, and stable giving a high percent of good phenotypes...AND all will get you high as giraffe nuts....Habe fun with it..YT
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  10. Thank you I am subscribed to true north seed bank and see their seeds but didn’t know if they were good. I am about to look at what they have
  11. I been growing for 39 yrs now and have purchased seeds from way over a dozen places over the years....The last cpl yrs, I been using them and couldn't be happier...quality genes in THEIR personal strains and broker for MANY of the other establishes seed breeders from Canada, UK, Spain, N.L.....You can find whatever fits your wants....the customer service has been the best!!! And the speed of delivery is exceptional....They make a quite a few of their own with their personal twist as many do....I would recommend their White Widow, Green Crack and OG kush for ANYONE starting out.....easy to grow strains and SUPER potent...all have been around for a cpl decades or more....Green crack is just a pheno of skunk#1, white widow has won MANY awards and OG Kush is a west coast classic....Any one of those or cpl of those will get you growing some quality weed....I have purchased all of those before from them and got great results.....I am currently growing THEIR Green Crack and some Peyote Critical...The Peyote Critical is a Barney's Farm limited release creation, BUT I purchased it thru Them.....Stick to the basics and use the paper towel method for sprouting....I started that way and STILL do it that way....simple and you will get 100% cracking rate....I put 3 layers of towels on a coffee cup saucer plate on the bottom, wet it (plain tap water is fine), and 2 layers on top of the seeds, and wet the whole thing....tip the plate to drain excess water....when it's down to a slow drip, your moisture is correct...then I slide that plate into a LARGE zip-loc and leave it unzipped so it can breathe but doesnt dry up quick....cracked in 24 -36hrs...some crack in even faster...If they are subborn or too cold, you can put the plate on something like a cable box...offers some warmth without cooking them...A little warmth like that expedites the sprouting....Being summer, cold is probably not an issue..room temp is fine....YT
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