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    hey i was wondering if any one here actually makes their own shit. like any keyboardists. any aspiring djs?

    well i will ask my question in hopes that someone will know what im talking about and can fix my issue.

    i just bought a microkorg, and i wanted to hook it up to my ER-1 through MIDI but i want to hear the beats, unadaulterated and still be able to play the keys. thing is i play the beat on the drum machine but it comes out of the speakers in the sound signature of the keyboard. like the drums are whats playing the melody. so i tried all the different combinations of setups like in?out of the micro to the ER and having one or the other be the master/slave and it just wont come out right.

    so the question is how do i get it so i can hear the beat of the drums and still have my funkilicious retro synth be able to play? am i supposed to get a patch bay?

    oh and if anyone has a micro i was wondering if you ever downloaded that special MIDI sound editor/librarian for the micro series. i keep finding it around the net but it takes me to the korg site for the link to download but the site says its not there. so could someone email me the file so i can get a move on with this creation i have brewing in my brain. GODDAMMIT

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