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  1. so I just told my gf of 1 & 1/2 years that I need some space. Long story short: it's been an up and down past few months and I've seen her more as a friend than a girlfriend. She lives in my apt.(til sat), but is moving into her new one soon. She got completely upset, crying and sobbing, and I did too, I'm sensitive like that.

    I know this is right for us because we have trust issues. She cheated on me last summer and we broke up, and then got back together a few months later. I've never had a serious gf before her, and she's the one i lost my vcard to so it's hard trying to see anyone else. I just need space, and time.

    So smoke a lil for me, and I know everything's gonna be alright..
  2. Yeah dude, I hear you. You're not feeling things right now so it's time to jsut step back and take a big long look at things.
  3. Yeah I've been on the same road about 3 times with the current girl I'm dating. We're going on 2 years now, and everything's fine now.

    My advice would be don't move in with a girl so soon, and definitely don't let it last this long. But, good luck to ya. I'm sure everything will work out well in the end.
  4. I understand dude.
    me and my girl almost had something like this, but we stick it out and it went just fine although i can imagine a path chosen like this one.
    Just see how it goes man, if she already cheated on u then thats harsh and maybe u should forget about her man.
    Thats harsh advice too but once cheated u wont be able to fix that man, trust me I know.\
    No trust is No relationship.

    If I had some weed here I'd toke for u all day man I feel u.
  5. I agree man some shit like this is hard to get by.

    Take it day by day man you'll see changes as time goes.

    My ex ended our 7 year relationship and wow.. was i lost. Trust me man take it slow and easy for the next couple months and figure out who you are first.

    My ex cheated on me... twice the last one was while we were in that little break mode which pissed me off but whatever.

    SMOKE SMOKE SMOKE... all i can do now but i still have fun.

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