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Hardest Thing Too Do Stoned

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 Toker, Oct 10, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys, Basically what is the worst scenario you have been stoned in... we all have been in some "Sticky" Situations (Excuse the pun) ;) but whats been the worst or even the hardest thing you have had too do stoned. Mine would have too be a 26 mile walk in the freezing cold with nothing but a t-shirt on as i had missed the last bus home... Long story short I cried :D :smoke:
  2. one time i decided to smoke before footy training... worst thing ever we had a fitness session and did many many sprints >< it was horrible
  3. The hardest thing to do stoned, for me, is to keep smoking. But I fight through it. I fight.
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  4. Your an inspiration to us all.

    For me it's urinate. I seriously have to sit down to pee when I'm grilled!
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  5. Not gonna lie driving because my car is a 95 stang, with a over ridden clutch. So pretty much the shifting isn't the smoothest...I hate fucking stick!
  6. Math. It fucking kills me when im high.
  7. for me,
    its doing the same thing consistently.
    I get mad a.d.d. whenever i'm doing something like cooking.
  8. Hardier thing to do is trying not to smoke another bowl.
  9. 2 words. Vector Calculus.
  10. Trying to order something at Subway. Lol I ususally come out with a weird ass sandwhich and the worker has to know that I am high.
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  11. Fight....

    Drunk guy(attempting to start a confrontation): "HEY BUDDY" "hey what?" - Bill Hicks
  12. patriot!
  13. You're not alone my friend.

    Every time i walk into subway im thinking "man, theres soooo many options" and i just rush because theres a long line behind me.

    No matter what i get though, it always comes out tastey as hell.
  14. anything that requires lots of physical activity


    smoking another bowl of some good taisting weed
  15. Going food shopping without a list after getting blazed or
    Doing Math :D
  16. operating tent zippers. i simply cannot do it
  17. Hardest time I have been stoned is at work. Doesn't affect me anymore, infact I have learnt to get high and use it to my advantage. I am a much better salesman high.
  18. Being nice to girls texting me ...
    It just annoys the fuck outta me. Don't know why.

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