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Hardest Outdoor Activity you've done?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Veggietales, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. What is the hardest outdoor activity that you have done? High or sober it doesn't matter.

    For me it would be climbing Longs Peak in Colorado. Also, backpacking in the Rawah wilderness in colorado.
  2. this park in indiana called turkey runn. it's a great place to go, you can hike, kayak, ride go karts. but shit, hiking every trail in one day, i felt pretty sore. but damn i love nature.
  3. white water rafting.
  4. i went cross country skiing last winter and went like 2 miles off trail (not recommended) and there was a good 8 ft of powder me and my friend got into. we were buried in the snow and had to dig our way out it took us like 2 and a half hours haha it was crazy
  5. White water rafting 11 miles on the Nolichucky when it was high water, majority of the trip was class IV and V rapids. I was in my own personal kayak too, not a guided raft.
  6. One day I would like to do this. [ame=]Tough Mudder New England 2011 Official Video - YouTube[/ame]
    I would feel like the coolest person ever.
    But so far, the hardest outdoor activity I've done was run 2 1/2 miles in 29 minutes. And that was yesterday. (currently training to run 5 miles every morning)
  7. hiked the grand canyon, drove by myself coast to coast.
  8. outdoor sparring
  9. Moving..... after a huge ounce smoke session with 3 friends
  10. mine actually relates to weed. last summer when it was hot as hell, about 95. i was supposed to go to the shore at noon, so i was gona leave my house at 9 or so and meet my dealer around 10, cuz he lives 8 miles away and i had to go by bike. and i had just eaten two huge breakfast sandwiches. then my mom says at around 850 "btw we're going to leave at 10 instead". so i said "oh, well im gona go get in a bike ride before we go" but i couldnt drink any water cuz my stomach was full from eating. so i knew i had to ride 16 miles round trip in the 95 degree sun in less than an hour, so i rode fast as shit. i felt like puking the whole time, and nearly did a few times. but, i managed to get the weed and get back alive. literally just fell down on my couch, trying to drink anything, but it was crazy, i just felt like puking and going to sleep. i literally just sat in the car the whole way to the shore taking small sips of water trying to rehydrate, it SUCKED ASS. also was totally soaked in sweat.
  11. Hiking 3.5 miles to a grow op on like a 85 degree day.
  12. Probably landscaping my grandpa's cabin (tons of land/shoreline) or a 2 hour run with my lacrosse team in 105 degree weather with 90% humidity. Keep in mind I'm a pretty big dude.
  13. Some crazy football workout where we had to flip giant tractor tire, carry telephone polls, do tons of other crazy shit then finish it off by running up the steep ass hill we have like 20 times. I had never been so exausted in my life. Greatest workout ever though and felt very good oncce you completed it.

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