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Hardest Decision of my young life, What do you think GC?

Discussion in 'General' started by Taylored, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Recently I found out that I was accepted into Engineering school (Currently in Undergrad). I can either go to the main branch of my college or stay at the branch that I am at now and stay at home. I will get the same degree going to both. I need to choose between staying at home or leaving for the main branch which is about 30 minutes away from me. Here are some pros and cons of each I have thought of

    Staying home:
    + Cheaper
    + I will get to keep my job which is one of the easiest jobs known to man
    + I would be able to get a big outdoor grow (School would cut into it if at main branch)
    + Easier Classes
    + Parents pay for expensive I would to pay if I live in at main branch
    - Still living at home with parents
    - Pretty boring at home

    Going to Main Branch:
    + Freedom and first experience living on own
    + Getting the college experience
    + Great parties and other activities
    + Make bank flipping Mary
    - Harder Classes
    - More expensive

    Im too baked to think of more pros and cons,
    I have already come up with my decision, but what would you do GC?
  2. stay at home.

  3. ugh stay at home... you can always get an apartment or something if you dont want to live with your rents.
  4. I chose to stay at home, mostly for the money part. I want to have absolutely NO debt after I get my degree, which I won't. I don't have to pay for anything, so my money can get saved or spent at my discretion.

    Plus my parents are both smokers, so that's a plus lol

    In your position, I would choose to stay at home.
  5. I vote move out unless the financial aspect would be too much to handle. I would hate to live at home in college.

    Which option are you leaning towards?
  6. Get yourself an apartment man.
  7. all i know is if i was in that situation and it was feasible...i'd prefer to move out.

    i find staying with parents kind of limits your development as an individual.
  8. True man, I'd say move out for the life experience. But then again saving money does rock. You could stay with your rents for a year, then move out for the rest. Or is it not that kind of deal?
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    I would stay at home man. I've done both, and while a little extra independence it's nice, I'd rather be at home where I stay dirt cheap and eat for free and don't have to deal with dumb/annoying/loud/stealing room mates etc.

    I don't see how living at home limits you, I still go out all the time and have a great social life and plenty of privacy, I just get to sleep/eat at a place for free ;)
  10. Save your money. Once you've graduated, then you can afford a nice house. Instead of renting like a dumb ass, you can own a home and pay your mortgage.
  11. 1. Live at home for first year.
    2. Do outdoor grow
    3. Live at school for second year
    4. ???
    5. Profit.
  12. Move out.... I loved college away from home (Engineering school too.)
  13. stay at said the main branch is 30 minutes drive there and the weekends and party it the fuck up and get the college experience without paying for it.
  14. Hardest decision my ass.
  15. the hardest decision in your whole fucking life is to pick what bag of chips to buy.
  16. Being broke does suck, guess it depends how chill your parents are. I cant imagine living at home for college, but having to move back in after sucks pretty hard.
  17. Thanks for the responses, bump for more
  18. There aren't as many parties in college as I thought, the dorms are too strict and the only parties people went to where either house parties Or the is overrated just an expensive daycare lol

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