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Harder drugs: good or bad?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokintilchokin, Aug 2, 2002.

  1. Hey all,

    I haven't posted a while because I'm on vacation in California. I don't have any bud and I'm going crazy. but that's not the point.

    I know all of you are for legalization of the wonderful drug marijuana. But what about other harder drugs. I for one am against the legalization of drugs such as coke and crack and heroine because they really lead to horrible things in my opinion.
  2. I've always thought marijuana should be legal but it's still not. Oh well, thats life!!! I don't think the harder drugs should be legalized but doctor's prescribe medications that are sometimes as addictive as herion or the rest of the harder drugs. So really, in all honesty, its a no win situation. People who want to abuse and get addicted to drugs will do it regardless of whether its legal or not or if they have a prescription for pills. I've been there and done that so I know whether its made legal or not; its not going to effect if people choose to abuse it.
  3. i belive if you can handle harder drugs go for it, but i don't think they should ever be legalized because most people can't handle them, and they should stay harder to get ahold of.
  4. The convenient myth that they can't legalize marijuana because "it leads to hard drugs" is just that: a convenient myth.
    It's like saying "we can't legalize alcohol because all beer drinkers turn to whiskey, rye, and absinthe."
    And all the IQ of Einstein couldn't alter their stubborn minds.
  5. I think that a drug isn't good or bad; it's how it's used.

    If it's abused, then the person is "bad".

    I don't know how anybody can use coke responsibly, though. Once you get started it just goes down until you quit for a while. (Well, unless you just do it once in a great while and when it's gone, it's gone)

    I haven't really decided fully whether I think all drugs should be legal. I know lots of them are really bad news.

    The founding people here in The States had an idea that we can do what ever we want unless it's hurting somebody else. Somehow that message has gotten lost. (Evident by my belief that harder drugs probably should remain illegal)

    So i'll remain undecided. ;)
  6. Ok...we all know I think marijuana should be re-legalized.

    Less that a month ago, I was completely against the idea of legalizing all drugs. My reasoning was that, at least in my state, prescription drugs are easy to get, easier to sell, and people are abusing them daily. But, I have also realized lately that there are certain areas here where heroin is easy to get. Coke is part of this area. These mountain people are always geekin'. ALWAYS!

    So, what if they were legalized. To the point of serious regulation and a total sweep of the doctors and pharmacies that are feeding Oxycontins to the masses like candy. Would it really cut down on a huge portion of the crime in our country? People who live in neighborhoods that listen to the gunshots all night seem to want the legalization so that they can finally live in peace. The only gunshots I hear are men shooting their wives for nagging too much. If I did live in a neighborhood that saw the crime from illegal drugs, I'd plead for the government to stop the war on drugs and take the upper hand and just legalize it all.

    My mind has changed. MY agenda will always be MaryJane but if, and I still want more proof, the legalization of all drugs would help our country then I'm for that.
  7. hard drugs suck!!!! i lost a year of my life to coke. i don't care who you are or how big you talk, it takes one fucking time to get hooked. they should never be legalized.

    did you know that most illeagal drugs were created for medical reasons? and that other hard drugs were created to combat the addictions that were forming to the drugs before.
    it's the MAN trying to bring us down. lol
  8. Well, of course, it's true. Hard drugs do suck. When I did do coke, I was lucky enough to not get sucked in. This isn't BIG talk, this is truth...I stay in control of who I am and NO drug or anything else is going to pull my ass down. We'd all get an 8ball and do it until it was gone and then maybe 3 or 4 months later, again. I never smoked the shit, though. Now, I don't do it at all although a nice fat line sounds good from time to time. I've watched friends go down the drain from it. I also watch friends live it up and do it everynight with no consequences, and keep their life together-how they do, I have no idea.

    Of course, they took the plants and used them for medicinal purposes. I know the history and I know why they were used, but the abuse came into play when they were all illegalized.

    Coke is so easy to get here. One phone call....not If it were legal and regulated through prescriptions in a better way then scripts are now, then it would take many more phone calls to get it. That's a plus. And it remains to be my point.
  9. RMJL I never thought about it like that. There are downsides and upsides to both sides. (am i sounding repetitive yet?!)

    But I personally think, legal or not, hard drugs are DANGEROUS and I will steer clear for the rest of my life, as I have learned my lessons the HARD (and I mean HARD) way.

  10. Yeah im not down with any drugs being legal..I have a hard time getting over the fact that alcohol and tobacco are legal, yet MJ is illegal. personally, drugs have led to problems in my life, esp with alcohol, but never MJ. I mean i can use other drugs in moderation and be ok, but when there was a bad time on something, oh it turned sour alright. but I feel as though we need to re evaluate our stance on what i legal now as far as marijuanan, alcohol and tobacco
  11. depends on the drug...acid good....crack bad....ecstacy good.....coke bad....paint thinner good.......herion bad.....angeldust (if your responsible and lock all sharp objects and anything that you can stick in your eyes etc etc etc.... good.....weed.......damn good thing that god created.
  12. This is just such a hard one.

    If they were to legalize coke, then it wouldn't be prescribed in the form we all know. They'd also do something with it like they're doing with Ocycontins so they are deemed useless if crushed, broken, etc... Crack comes from coke so that problem would also see a reduction in use and crime associated with it. MDMA was used in psychological therapy at some point in time.

    All I care about right now is marijuana because I have the facts to back up every reason why she should be legal. Marijuana legalization is my main concern. But if the legalization of it all will help us as a country, then I'm for it.

    Also, I've read throughout the thread about how hard drugs really fuck you up. I know this. Don't you think, though, that it would be alot harder to get that fix if you couldn't drive down to the corner and pick up what you need?

  13. ecstacy and paint thinner are BAD!!! every time i watch the news, some kid has died from taking that shit.

    and if you like having a brain, don't fucking sniff anything that is not meant for human consumption! I've seen A students drop to a permenant F because they can't read anymore from doing that shit. oh yea, there's a death factor too.

    weed is the only way....
  14. When ocycontins were first introduced, it was a wonderful drug for people with chronic pain especially the cancer patients I work with. Now it is as addictive as some of the major drugs. I've lost 8 of my best friends in the last year from over doses. It was recently termed "hillbilly's herion" and I can see that. In November I was spending outrageous amounts of 80mg pill costs one hundred dollars around here. I lost alot of time out of my life because of a legal drug. I don't feel hard drugs should be legalized but when people can abuse prescription drugs just as easily as illegal drugs.............that is a scary thought.

  15. I lost one of my very best friends a year and a half ago and Oxycontin's contributed to his death. I'm sorry to hear about your friends. It's hard to deal with. That's why I think that there should be more regulation of prescription drugs. Had people not been given Oxy's like candy by their physicians, then he wouldn't have been able to go and buy Oxy's anytime and he could. The physicians should be more responsible and the pharmacies should have some kind of red screen that comes up when things get out of control. If we're going to talk about regulating drugs then the whole system is going to have to be revamped anyway. I've said it before, somewhere; I live in a state where scripts are easy to get and easily sold. I'm sure Bud Head knows what I'm talking about... so we already need regulation within our system just as it is...not considering the addition of any harder drugs.

    It's hard to decide who you want the drug dealer to be...the pharmaceutical companies with their big money and big advertising or the guys on the corner with their guns. It's all about the same.
  16. my cousin was on ocycontin and he got in a fight with some guy on the street and was shot to his death:(. This was only a year ago too....
  17. XxJWxX.............Im sorry to hear about your cousin. I know that no matter how much time passes, its still hard to come to terms with something like that. I'm still dealing with the fact that me and my friend were snorting oxys all day until about 4 in the morning when I finally went home. The next day, I get a phone call and my friend had overdosed about 30 minutes after I left. To this day, I still blame myself but out of her death, I realized that I needed to change the way I was living my life. But I still think, maybe if i hadnt left, I could have saved her. I thought, what good is it for me to be a nurse if I couldnt help one of the people I loved most in the world. Oxycontins can cause so much pain and hurt. But your cousin is in a better, pain free place now. Thats what gets me through the day knowing my friend overdosed and I wasn't there for least now she isn't suffering mentally anymore.
  18. damn....that just made me sad.
  19. chemicals bad!

    natural good !
  20. ummmm....isn't cocaine natural too?

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