Hardcore Pawn opportunity (help needed!)

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  1. hey y'all. i had some shit for sale on craigslist, and i got an interesting e-mail in response to one item in particular. an old war bond from the civil war, a confederate one. well, i live less than an hour from detroit, where the show hardcore pawn is shot. I got an e-mail from the hardcore pawn people..shown here (phone number and e-mail has been removed)

    now i have no interest what so ever in going on tv to pawn shit lol. however, i have a friend who is the world champion of fucking with people. we are going to take advantage of this opportunity, but we cant come up with a really good "act" or whatever you wanna call it. we want it to be funny anf over the top, just not obviously fake (or they wont use it).

    this is why i come to you blades. we need something to make this worthwhile, while not tipping tthese people off that its completely fake...we want ideas!!! so lets hear them people!!!
  2. it does suck that you are stuck on a war bond,
    gonna be a tough one,
    maybe after I blaze inspiration will strike.
  3. You should go around town right now and make casual bets throughout the week saying: "I bet you $50 that im going to be on tv one day..."

    Do this about 20 times, got yourself $1,000 :]
  4. i love the show, but i know for a fact those guys will definitely screw you. So uhh, go on there and knock yourself out. i cant think of anything clever at the moment but seriously let me know if you make it on TV and ill check it out for sure!! :)
  5. like i said, i am not selling this to them, no chance, but this is a golden opportunity to act a fool on cable. we just havent brainstormed anything really perfect yet
  6. they are going to low ball you to death.

    one thing you should do is just come in as a 100% confederate soldier.

    and be all kinds of rednecky.
  7. Send in a guy normal clothes on. Have him act all crazy and shit. But then when he needs to talk have him act completely straight. Have him switch between bat shit crazy and complete straight man.

    I bet they will put that on their show.
  8. Lean on the counter like ya own the place... Act like you've known the fellas working there for ages... ask for a job opportunity.. and pretend you believe that your item is worth ATLEAST 500 dollars more than he offers... all while wearing a shirt with nipple holes cut out of it.
  9. They will give you 10% of what its worth and act like they are doing you a favor
  10. some good ideas coming in. this has to be pure gold though.
  11. Go in there after 3 shots of 151 and you'll get your price.. at least you'll think ya did
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    If you must, when they say "So what do you want for it?"
    Say something like,

    Then they'll say LOL no way, how about "300$"(idk what theyll say)
    "I'll tell you waht, I'll make you an offer you can't refuse... 99,700$."

    that's the only real way you could fuck with them and seem 'legit'. They might not even air it, could be a ploy to just get you to come in, make money off your item, and potentially you buy something from them with the money they gave you.

    Or you could turn it on to them to make YOU money.
    Go in there and run shit be like "I know how this works..you gotta make a profit. So, help me, help you. I'll act like everythin in here is fuckin spectacular, and you pay me for advertising. Word?"

    Could go backwards though and they just say "fuck you get outta my shop."
  13. I watch pawn stars all you gotta do is ask for a ridiculus amount of money and then when they give you a good offer just leave and wear a Justin bieber t shirt or marijuana related shirt or just come high as fuck.
  14. yea going in high as fuck is a great idea

  15. He wants to be funny not look like a fag, fuck justin bieber. I do however agree with your promj idea.

    wear some dreds and all rasta/mj leaf shirt or somethin
  16. maybe one of those rasta beanies with the fake dreads lmao now were getting somewhere
  17. I know one of the security guys there, we used to work at a bar as bouncers together. Don't act too much of a fool because they will whoop the shit out of you. That being said, have fun because the owner is a dick in real life.

  18. owners a dick on TV too.. hunch backed bastard aha.
  19. Anything cool/outrageous you do will probably get cut out by the producers, and if you look too nuts they might not even put you on. And don't sell it to them unless they come near your asking price (which I doubt they will)

    I think it's kind of funny that it says "think pawn stars only bigger!" or whatever.
  20. Im subd. You gotta update op. When iz thisz shit goin down

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