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Discussion in 'General' started by KeepSmokinReefa, May 27, 2006.

  1. Who else enjoys hard ass bustnig work?

    I do.

    I jus worked for 3-4 hours straight hard ass busting work.

    Jus cuz i can.

    I started out in my yard, Cleaning up. Cuttin the grass, Weed wackin, Edging, Sweepin up everything all that shit.

    Then went to my next door nehighbors yard and did the same shit. But his yards a mess. Hes lik 87 years old so i always help him out.

    I went and did everything, Ended up pullin like 10 trees out the ground that aient need to be there. I spent like 2 hours jus busting ass makins his yard look good.

    Its like 85 degrees and humid so i sweatin my ass off.

    Then when i was almost done, Jus sweepin up lawn clippings and shit his friends daughter and her fiance pull up and see me working.

    Now her fiance jus walked outside, Hes like mid 30's. He walked outside, Walked around the yard looking around and jus looked real impressed.

    Made my day right there, Jus him lookin impressed. All the hard work payed off because i helped other people.

    Thats why im always flashin the black and blue colors, Thats why im down with what im down with. Its about giving to the community and helping the community. Dont expect anything back, Jus give and give and give. And i do and jus did. And i feel good.

    I got a good workout, Worked on gettin more of a tan and gettin rid of my farmers tan, And gave to the community.

    I feel damn good.:cool:
  2. I build houses in the canadian winter.

    That's pretty hard work.

    Summers aren't really that much better. It can get fucking hot.
  3. I do all types of manual labor.

    Working on cars, Roofing houses, Painting houses, Lawn maintmence ect.
  4. It's really rewarding. Seeing shit get done, know that you can tackle any challenge.

    The tougher the better.
  5. Exactly, Then its a workout while your at it. Killing two birds with one stone.
  6. I will never appreciate a nice shower more than after working hard doing lawn shit for 3-4 hours. I totally agree with you man, I can feel the hard work in my body, as well as I can see a pristinly cut lawn in front of you.
  7. i just landed a temporary construction job a few weeks back. ive got color back in my skin, and my muscle mass is returning. i love it.

    hard work is its own euphoric drug.
  8. yeah a nice cool, but not too cool shower. cool you right off

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