Hard water lockout?

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    Hey everyone, this is my first post but not my first grow ;), although it is the first time I have experienced these sympomts. I'm at 50 days in a new house and have a 4x8 veg, multiple flower trays, ezclone, soil moms, u name it. Humidity is 47-51% and temperatures are 76-78 in the day and 68-72 at night, in both rooms. Veg has 8" fan bringing in fresh air. Flower has ac bringing in fresh air but also runs 1320 ppm co2. Both have 8" exausts through lights. I am experiencing what I think is a lockout from my hard water. Measurings taken from blue lab tester: hard water (city water)- 460 ppm, 7.4 ph. Maybe excessive levels of calcium and salt are present as the water is sometimes cloudy until it settles. Acting on instinct I purchased the merlin garden pro r/o machine (i get 25% more than the claimed 700 gallons per day; about 1 gallon in 1 minute and 20 seconds with 80 psi entering). Levels are as follows: ppm: 30-40, ph: 6.5 once I shake my Ph probe around in 1 gallon of water.

    Soil moms: 1000W MH
    I have pretty large 'knots' on the nodes where branches meet the stalk, and older nodes which are not on the stalk has small knots forming. Also, new growth is pretty slow and new leaves are horizontally contorted. There is also black necrotic spots on some older leaves. A couple lower leaves are burned on the edges. I have flushed three of them with r/o water and applied a 1/3 strength NPK nute (house & garden). The flushees have seemed to bounce right back as they are looking oh so perky. They would all be flushed but it is very time consuming when they need 30 gallons each (10 gallon pots).

    Hydro (veg, flower): veg: 1000W MH, flower: 1000W HPS'
    My hydro has similar symtoms such as the knots. There are a couple that have kind of stopped growing and new leaves are skinny and almost yellow. New nodes are getting closer together. The fringes on all of them have turned upward as if to expel moisture. Stalks and branches are also turning purple. Some plants even have burn spots on a couple leaves similar to nute burn but can also be caused by deffiencies. I am growing these in coco using a full npk nute line with additives (no over fert at all). My flowering plants are doing well for the most part but still have these symptoms. But 2 plants and a couple branches on others have had all their hairs burned, the leaves look like an olive green color. Bud growth has significantly decreased. As said before the plant may be great but just a branch or two has burned hairs and bud growth has seemed to hault

    Ezclone: leaching light from veg
    60 site ezclone. I recently purchased this so I am relatively new at it. Root growth is phenominal but small knots are starting on these plants as well. Foliage is yellow and nodes are right on top of eachother (very, very close). Stalks and branches are purple as well. Since I changed the rez with r/o water and applied ezclone nutes in the rez they seem to be greening up again and recovering (only time will tell)

    If Only the dirt or hydro was experiencing this I wouldn't think it was hard water. But everything is doing the same thing. Ph levels are 5.8 for flower, 6.0 for veg, 5.8-6.0 for babies, 6.5-7 for moms. ANY help would be GREATLY appreciated. I would defintely upload pictures but am on my iPhone at the moment and it won't let me upload. Thanks guys!

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    Check out this guide, and look at Phosphorous deficiency. Slow growth, red/purple stems, weird 'nute burn' looking spots are all signs of P deficiency.

    The Complete guide to Sick Plants,pH, and Pest troubles! - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums

    As for the 'knots', I'm not sure what you mean exactly without a picture to see what you're talking about. If you can post pics later it would be really helpful!

    Here's a chart to help you see what nutes get locked out at different pH levels. The top chart is for soil, the bottom is for hydro.

  3. How do I post pictures on this thread now that it's already posted?
  4. You need to upload it to a site first, like ImageShack. You can upload pics for free there. Then you have to get the URL of your picture from the ImageShack site, copy it, come back here and click on the little Image button that is above where you type your posts. It looks like little mountains and a sun on a yellow background. Paste the URL in the box that comes up and your picture should be good to go. Let me know if you have any questions about this.

    There could be an easier way to do images but I'm not sure, maybe someone else can describe a different way if there is one.
  5. im having the exact same symptoms as you. i have very hard water 750 ppm out the tap with a ph of 8. have big knots, purple stems, yellowing new growth,yellowing and brown spots on lower leaves etc... is this all due to hard water? just wondering how you made out.

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