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HARD to answer questions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by willie199120, Aug 31, 2008.

  1. -What happens if you let THC oil evaporate? Will you get THC crystal?
    -What happens if you mix sugar with THC oil to the point it becomes saturated? Is there any way to form that into a clump of sugar that is solid.
    -Is there any quick way to turn THC oil into a solid that will not move, but is safe to eat.

    Damn ok im high. I was staring at my screen for like 10 minutes zoning out. :)

    Just some ideas i thought of while high.

  2. uh at room temp, it would probably take ages, but if you heat it gently, yeah, essentially you get a powdery-crystalline form of thc.

    why would you mix Hash oil and Sugar? hash oil is a smokable product. mixing it with sugar would make it taste like pure carbon, i'd imagine. And be terribly harsh on the lungs.

    the last q. seems to be the same, THC needs to bind to lipid molecules to become absorbed in the body. Without a fat carrier it passes through without digestion...
  3. if you heat thc oil to the point of evaporation, the thc is vaporized into the air and lost.

    no i dont think you can chemically make that sugar clump solid, maybe by mixing with something else.

    im not sure if you can turn the oil into a solid, but eating thc oil is not really gonna do anything for you. it needs to be made into something that is thc soluable, like fat or alcohol. if youre looking to ingest your thc oil, you should simmer it with some butter on low heat and make a treat. plenty of guides on baked goodies on here, just use that ever almighty search button.
  4. Are you kidding THC oil wont fuck you up? I doubt that. The oil is already high in fats, so putting and cooking it with weed will make the resulting oil be bound to THC
  5. your thc oil is made with like vegtable oil? this is a method im not familar with. if it is so made with vegtable oil, than stick it in the fridge and it will harden.

  6. Actually, THC oil, or Hash Oil, is not high in fats, as it is an extract of marijuana made by soaking buds or trim in butane, which extracts rather pure amounts of THC.

    What you're talking about is CANNAbutter, which you can do whatever the hell you want with, as long as you A) don't burn it and B) just eat it somehow, i don't care how
  7. Why would a banana grab another banana?

    Oh... I see where this thread was going..... my bad.

  8. duh...
  9. dammit, i knew i shouldnt have signed off the rights to mr. banagrabber.

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