Hard Times...

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  1. Lil sumthin i threw together earlier.

    Everyday seems the same,
    Like who should i blame,
    But i dont blame nobody, But i wont blame myself,
    I wake up everyday wonderin how to get this wealth,
    Ive changed alot, But i guess its not enough,
    Im tryin to get paid, But times are still rough,
    I left adult ed, I didnt learn a thing,
    Alot of drama it sure did bring,
    Fights and drugs,
    Went to school with thugs,
    Stressed out the whole time,
    Throwin half on dimes,
    Didnt got to class, To much bullshit to pass,
    So i split, Thought i could make it on my own,
    Thought id get a job and buy my own home,
    In the end i was left, Torn and alone.

    Life gets rough sometimes,
    Dont resort to crimes,
    Get on your feet, Make something of yourself,
    Dont cheat, Just worry about your health.

    Didnt know who to trust and who to hate,
    Kickin up dust, Tryin to put food on my plate,
    I was starvin for change,
    It was jus out of range,
    Chilled with people i thought was my friends,
    In the end it was all pretends,
    No im stuck, But doin better then i was,
    No more puttin off jus to get a buzz,
    No chillin with those i cant trust,
    I stress that, Because thas a must,
    I wake up and work on my health,
    Next comes my wealthy,
    Not worried bout nobod else,
    I know that im right, Everythings all right.

    Life gets rough sometimes,
    Dont resort to crimes,
    Get on your feet, Make something of yourself,
    Dont cheat, Just worry about your health.

    Im doin better then ive ever done,
    Havin fun, My lifes just begun,
    Im happy with life, And how its goin,
    Im grown and its showin,
    Fuckin up was a tradition,
    Change was my mission,
    I got family locked up and on rocks,
    Slangin pills on the blocks,
    I rather be broke then sellin exotics,
    Or any narcotics,
    I wanna be legit, Makin money when i spit,
    I dont wanna be paranoid like 'whens the cops comin',
    If i hear sirens im runnin,
    Thats not the life for me,
    I want a college degree,
    The good life ill see,
    And thats a GURANTEE!
  2. I apologize for my hostility towards you in that other thread of yours, I was in a mad mood.
    You've got some skill KSR, not exactly the genre of music I listen to but I know talent when I see it :)
    Get to know the right people and you'll go places, no doubt man. Keep on keeping on bro, good luck!
  3. ehhh its alright doesnt flow that well imo
  4. Its jus how i write my shit down.

    When i flow on it i encenuate (SP?) different parts and say shit in different ways so it all flows.

    Not like its the greatest thing ever but its not bad and jus fuckin around with shit.
  5. I like it man, its straight from the heart.
  6. Form a crtical point of view, there are some parts that could flow a bit more easily into one another.

    But most imortant is that you have some feeling behind it, which you do.

    Keep it up.
  7. nice man.. you are definitely passionate .... keep focusing on your endeavors...good luck bro!!!!
  8. that was some flammmming spit.

    you should get some shit down on CD man I wanna hear you.
  9. Pretty sweet dude! Nms in music but you do have something going for you. Looks like you are on the right track. Now you need to find someone to listen that counts. GL!
  10. I second that.
  11. Good stuff man, you got any tracks recorded? I'd liek to hear it.
  12. Yea bro, you could have some serious potential, get a nice beat with that and it could flow pretty nice and have deep meaning +rep if i can, i know you were just fuckin around but that could have potential.
  13. Agreed with Nathan.
  14. See this is the shit i like to see lol.

    But i jus recorded this one yesterday.


    (I might re-record it today because you cant hear the beat that great on this track.)

    My set-ups real ghetto right now so exscuse the quailty. I make what i got work. Jus a shitty MP3 player with mic and jam the beats i make on the stereo and it records it on the mp3 player/mic.
  15. Eh...

    Not bein a dick but step it up dooney.

    But I can feel the heart put into it..
  16. I need a new setup dude.

    Put me in the studio and shit sounds 10000000 times better.
  17. good shit dude...............go buy that UGK - underground kingz
  18. being professionally involved in the music industry I can say that you do have potential, your flow needs just a bit of work..living in detroit you should have connections with quite a few hip-hop/rappers who you could work with. It takes alot of work and even ass kissing to get in the business. You've definetly got the lyrics part down, which is usually the hardest part for inspiring rap artists. Minus the bullshit mainstream club shit they play on the radio nowadays.

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