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  1. seems like multiple issues to me. Been growing for years haven't had any problems except for spider mites way back when. Problems developed about 9 months ago after I had friends watch my plants when I went on a working vacation and they haven't changed since. Plants are healthy until I put them into flowering about 1.5-2 weeks this develops not sure what to do Luis always 6.1-6.4 growing in peralite Cocoa and some biochar. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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  2. I've been spraying coffee onto the plants and leaving coffee grounds on top of the soil as mulch. I haven't seen any mites return since.

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  3. Last time i had mites was about 10 years ago maybe longer I have 0 bugs this problem bewilders me. Thank you for your reply though.
  4. watch yer in dirt ph if yer screwin with coffee
  5. wild town there OP :wave:
  6. I'm definitely not using coffee nor would I ever do that too much acidity.

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