Hard talking to girls

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  1. When i say hard talking to girls i mean i have a tendency to get hard when talking to girls. It kinda bothers me sometimes cuz ill be having a good convo, putting the mack on trying to be smooth, then all of a sudden my pants start stretching,my face gets hot and sweaty, and my mind goes blank. THen i try to trick my mind into thinking about soomething else so it goes down, and i just end up walking away holdin my johnson.

    im not embarrased about my joint, its 7 inches and its pretty difficult to hide the bulge. im more worried that i loose track of the conversation and get sweaty.

    Ive been avoiding talking to girls in public because of this issue. I had a girlfriend for over 3 years so i guess im kinda new to the single game again...ive only hooked up 3 times in the past year.

    my question i guess is for the ladies...would you be turned on if a guy got hard while talking to you? or do youthink its awkward?
  2. It's flattering :p
  3. Learn self-control. You're obviously <18. Tape it to your leg or waist.
  4. lol. Yeah I think girls might find it a little weird if you stand there having a conversation with an erection. Just maybe.

    Just aim it up and use your waist band to hold it in place. Thats what I used to do in gym class in high school when the girls would roll their shorts up into the crack of their ass.
  5. Don't fuckin' lie.
  6. Ted Bundy did it all the time
  7. Tighty-whities should hold the ol' girl down.
  8. Yes but he didn't just fuck women, he fucked little kids too.

  9. actually..bro...im gonna be 22 in 8 days. there would be no point in taping it cuz i would just rip thru teh tape

    as for the ted bundy comment, i dont read serial killer biographies. im more into romantic novels.

    i cant help it tho, if a girls showing me attention i get excited. when a dog smells a bitch he gets wood. im sure females pussies get wet when they talk to attractgive guy.

    nameann. i wanted a girls opinion to know how they feel about it.
  10. I'm not fuckin lying. If it was a hot guy then that'd be flattering....
  11. Holy shit, thats funny as fuck.
  12. ok so once ur dicks pops here's what you do
    you say
    "ok, that's enough smooth talk, looks like it's time to fuck"
  13. That's cute.
    It depends on the conversation and if the girl's diggin' you.

  14. if life was only that easy man. i wouldnt wanna say that to the wrong girl and be labeled a creep.
  15. but how can they deny when your boner is ready to slide on the slippery vag
  16. If I just met you and that happened, I'd be a little... Confused. And embarrassed. For both of us.
    At the very least, it sure would make an impression.
  17. Are you forreal?
  18. What really helps me is really trying to stay away from an emotional investment. Unless your seeing her for the 2-3rd time, it's just another girl.
  19. Ah, I just realized that you have a nice pun going with the title of this thread and your weiner. +internets to you sir.

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