Hard Summer LA, anyone?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by MtHighToker, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. Any blades making it to LA this weekend? Lets meet up and burn one down:smoke:

  2. I'M DOWN :cool::bongin::yummy:
  3. A GC meet up spot is in order :smoke:

    Ill have about 4, dank, 1 gram joints with me that I want to only smoke with new people. Should be easy with a head full of molly ;)
  4. ooooooooo that looks dope. Wish I could go.
    Edit: lol @ Skrillex being a top feature and not even being live. It's a fucking recording of him.
  5. no fucking way its a recording lol i think the other ones say live because they're playing their instruments live (digitalism and ratatat)

    maybe your right but i was planning on seeing most of digitalism. i heard they're mind blowing live.
  6. I might be wrong, the festivals I've been to were more about the social gathering rather than the music.:rolleyes:
  7. thats 50% of it, i love feeling the bass hit you and just dancing crazy as fuck to the music
  8. i may go, hard haunted mansion looks better i'm still not sure if ima hit this one up cuz i sprained my ankle at audiotistic last weekend.
  9. that sucks man same thing happened to my friend at audio. im pissed that all these high-key edm festivals aren't allowing gloves or lights in, wtf is that shit about? i need to find some underground raves
  10. yeah its bullshit... ill be there 2nite numbers 5622978291 my buddys chillin with molly and alice all night.
  11. damn i would i woulda checked this earlier. i had an amazing time though, nero and skrillex fucking killed it

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