hard stuff ne1?

Discussion in 'General' started by serius, May 5, 2003.

  1. ne1 ever done ne thing like coke or ne thing a little harder?
  2. ive tried coke once..... but that was j/a spur of the moment thing. Im never around anyone w/coke so i doubt i'll do it again. I recently tried X for the first time and i can see why ppl enjoy doing that shit but i dont want to get into that kind of habit. Ive done meth on and off for a year. Meth is a horrible habit to get into... its sooo addicting. As soon as you are done w/a session, u hav a craving for more but luckily we never hav any left. Ive done bars and shit which was pretty fun. I had some of the best times of my life doing SHROOMS and i suggest that everyone does them at LEAST once in their life.
  3. well heres my list of the stupidist shit ive done, ill throw in some of my old habits too.

    Coke - I would skip lunch, classes, tests, midterms to go cut up a few lines. if your parents are paranoid dont do it, you look mad crashed after

    X - Led to a sexual encounter at a rave that lost me the greatest girl of my life.

    Heroin - Eternal bliss for 6 hours, a shitty life for the other 18

    Meth - Shitty

    Crack - I hate myself for even trying it

    Shrooms - THE GOD of self exploration. I have found the meaning of life, love and equalibrum from my shroom trips, and nothing can shake it. If youve tripped for a few times might I suggest tripping in school? I did it 2 days ago for like the 30th time and its always R A D

    LSD - Yet another mind giving substance, deserving respect and caution

    Pot - DUH

    Mescalin - SICK SHIT




    Alcohol - Pointless IMO

    Hash - Sick, always worth the cash

    Opium - Incredibly stuff, habit forming though, Effects break down with addiction. Use sparingly for special occasions

    Opiates - Ive written them all down and ive done over 100, each several times.

    Candyflipping - Always fun in a safe enviourment

    MX Missle - Great for the experienced pysconaut

    Nitrous - SPACE EXPLORATION!!!!

    Peyote - Great if you can find it

    Im sure im forgetting some
  4. damn dude, sounds like youve had some awesome experiences.
  5. I've done coke, various pills, the best of which were Dilaudid and Qualudes, acid, and shrooms. I just stick to the weed now though.
  6. i've done......

    opium- only once i loved it, i want to do it again, but i am kinda scared about the addiction factor.

    N20- my friend had some maybe if it lasted longer, i had to do like 3 cartridges, and lasted like 2mins. tops.

    vicodan-nice to chill out with a bowl

    my friend is supposed to get shroms in like 2 weeks, that should be fun.
  7. I've done shrooms, dxm, vitamin K, and XTC. I would do all of them again in the right situation. Never tried coke.....
  8. shrooms and weed is where its at

  9. same here
  10. only done weed and vicoden

    the vicoden didnt do too much for me..just made me feel numbish, wouldnt waste money on it
  11. shrooms weed and vicoden once. and salvia once.
  12. everything but heroin and crack are good in a controlled moderation....
  13. shrooms: KICK ASS

    opium: tastes amazing, nice when its smoked on a bowl of good bud, never felt addicted.

    coke laced joint: you could hit me in the face with a brick and i couldnt have been able to feel it..... pretty cool for a while but wears off quick

    vicodin: take one smoke a few bowls and have a beer. nuff said :p

    i wanna try DMT, LSA, and salvia
  14. Have done:

    weed - not the fake kind

    shrooms - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If you wanna find out why you exist, I suggest downing about 5 grams of this shit.

    alcohol - To use an analogy, it's the 'Friends' television show of the drug category...

    salvia - fucked up the dosage and didn't get high, so it's in my "Want to do" category...

    Want to do:

    Coke - ONCE - on the teeth, no snorting (don't worry, i don't have an addictive personality)
  15. other than smoking weed, the only other drug ive ever done is ecstacy.

    one of the most beauiful experiences ive ever had in my life. although afterwards, i felt like i had just completed a triathalon or something...and won.
  16. just be careful with mush, you never know how potent it will be. The first time i did mush i took almost 12 grams and i was just fucking tripping. The second time i took only 10 grams and i fucking overdosed. It was funny at the time hahaha my brain didnt process so when people asked what my name was i was just like uhhhh 7/11. hahaha but then i was fucking simming into portals and shit then next thing i know im in the hospital intensive care. had to drink that charcoal bullshits. hahaha ive done it many times after that though. hahaha there soo fun!
  17. hahahahaha
  18. harder things done than cannabis...

    Dr Pepper (no kidding, an addiction to that shit will seriously fuck you up - i was doing 4 litres a day steady and at the peak i took 9 litres in 24 hours),


    Tobacco (Nicotine - and the 2000 additives)

    peanutskins (the effects are WAY crazier than cannabis if you smoke enough and fast, please note, SKINS not SHELLS)

    Alcohol, in many various forms,

    Red Bull and other Taurine and Caffiene energy drinks,

    Speed - cut with all kids of crap though, had maybe 30 mins of feeling SLIGHTLY up, and then the absolute worst 12 hours of my life.

    XTC, many times, some times to far to great an excess. first time i tripped one of teh best trips i've ever had. but as time goes, tollerance builds up to the goodness but not the blehness and the comedowns gradually start to outweigh the good times... perhaps a sign that you've exhausted seratonin production. I also lost two teeth from over grinding (and a crap dentist is also to blame for previous dodgey work) and the insides of my cheeks have just never been the same. was it worth it? i'd say so, i got to experience such closeness and love of my friends.

    MUSHROOMS! psylocibin mushrooms provide the best life changing teacher experience anyone could ever have. i cant wait to finish my jar... about 6 trips in there left i'd say.

    Salvia Divinorum. woah! want to try what its like to be insane and have your thought paterns mixed up and played with for 20 minutes? try this. :D

    i took acid once but i think it musta been a dud or i am missing the receptor for LSD. my body just felt really uncomfortable and uneccesary for a while and that was about it.

    and i have declined to take any heroin, coke, crack, poppers, barbs, base on the grounds that the damage or potential damage it can cause to myself just isnt worth any experience i could get from it.

    i do however want try some yahae (speelunkd wrong?) and some peyote. anyone got a sample they care to send? :p
  19. I've done E multiple times and enjoyed it everytime.
    Also hash, meth, nitrous, shrooms, acid and I've tried LSA but didnt get anything from it... E and shrooms together are the best time I've ever had...
  20. Weed..b'doi

    Coke- once snorted it, that sucked...my nose bled. Once smoked it in a blunt with weed...that was kinda nice :)

    Heroin- Twice, both times in one day, and I shot up both times. First time, I don't think I got enough, b/c I didn't feel anything, but I threw up in a K-Mart. Later that day, the second time, it felt really good...we had a long drive and I fell asleep by the end of it, but it wasn't hard to wake me up.
    Next day I was sooo sick...I just layed in bed all day watching TV...I didn't want to get up. So, I don't like it all together...I'll never do it again.

    Crack- smoked it once, didn't last long enough to be cool

    DXM- Numerous times as Coricidin in my stupid high-school days..haven't in years. Very bad. I don't remember a whole year b/c of it. Lately I've been doing a lot of robo-trips....haven't had a bad one of those yet...but I've cut back a little on that too. Once every other week now.

    Vicodin- I got a prescription for this last year when I got my root canal (BTW, don't let anyone fool you; root canals don't hurt half as bad as people say...the four Novocaine shots in the jaw hurt worse).....It took away my pain, like it was supposed to, but I didn't really feel what people say you should.

    Acid- Tried it once when I was 15...Two of my friends had to walk me home b/c I forgot where I lived...even tho it was only a 10 min walk away. I did something rather embarrassing while on it, which I'd rather not discuss....anyway, I ended the night by coming home on a school night late and talking to myself in the mirror just so I could hear another voice for 4 hours. Then I went to school :rolleyes:

    Ritalin- An ex-boyfriend of mine had ADD, but didn't want to take his medicine anymore...so he gave them to me. I had a lot of fun snorting it...had some of the best nights of my life...but also a couple of the worst. *sigh*

    That's it, I think.

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