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Hard Question...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by 4Frnt, Jun 12, 2006.

  1. How much money would someone have to pay you to never smoke weed again?
  2. how much money? enough for me to buy coke for the rest of my life.....lets just say an 8ball a day. ;)
  3. A LOT, just to vap and eat it... smoking is half the fun:p
  4. I would say that plus like $5 thousand cash just for the inconvenience :)
  5. Enough to pay my way through flight school, since I'll probably have to quit at that point in time anyways... so might as well do it for free :)
  6. That's an awesome thinker for when you happen to be stoned, which I am.

    The stipulation has to be that you can't do anything with weed, so not just not smoking, but vaporizing and everything. And I can only assume it means that other drugs are out of the picture.

    For me, it would be like $5,000. It would be enough money to buy pretty much whatever I wanted, except for weed. I'd buy tons of guitars and CDs and just wait it out until I turn 21 next year and then I can drink whenever I want.
  7. shit. Enough for me to retire on.
  8. A LOT!

    Like in excess of $50,000
  9. How far do you expect that 5 grand to take you? :p
  10. *cannot consume THC in any way or form
  11. enough money to invent a new drug that is the same as weed
  12. Money can't buy happiness and smokin' weed makes me happy.
  13. Shit...I love weed. So in order for me to go on without it I would have to have something else to occupy my time. Basically enough for me to get a big house full of cool shit. Also It would have to be enough to support me until I die without me having to weed means alot to me cuz there is no substitute
  14. this scenario is futile.i would just take the money and spend it on growing more weed...
  15. A few million (enough for all my cars,houseS,dirtbikes/4 wheelers and everything else i wanted.
  16. if someone gave me... $500 million id quit smoking. no less. you listening bill gates?
  17. If he is he is saying in his mind...."Why would I give you money to quit smoking? Go fuck yourself and earn it." lol
  18. Shitty question. If I'm going to quit for life, I need serious dough (millions) to compensate. I don't think being a millionaire would be right if I wasn't high all the time though. OH well, there's always cocaine.
  19. minimum of $5k a week for the rest of my life.
  20. I'm going to have to say, alot. I enjoi smoking so I would have to sub somthing for the trouble of quiting. I guess I will say bout 5 mil, yeah I think I can retire on that. JOE>

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