Hard orange droplets

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  1. Wondering if anyone has a clue what these are. They've been showing up for a few days now. They look like a drop of bright orange dried blood. i looked close with a 60x loupe and they're not bugs, no legs, head or antena. You can pull them off, they're hard and chrunch in your fingers. when you pull them off i couldn't locate any tiny bugs on in or under them. They just look like little dried up droplets of orange blood that keep popping up. There's not bug damage i can find, no webs. I'm stumped on this one. The plant they are showing up on doe look in slightly less of a good condition than the others. Sorry for the crappy pic but you can see them in it, have them circled. ones on a leaf and ones on a stem.[​IMG]
  2. I'm in more info please and a big close up

    would help

    good luck
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  3. Do they stick to the plant or seem attached at all, or do they blow off easily? It may just be the picture but the one that is on the leaf looks like it may have affected a small area of surrounding leaf? Looks like brown spreading from the orange "thing".

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