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  1. My current grow is getting chopped in a few days, I really need some help deciding what to do next. It's going to be a 1 plant bubble bucket setup. I have access to a few different seeds at the moment, all feminized.

    1. NY Purple Diesel
    2. Barney's Farm LSD
    3. Vanilla Kush

    I'm leanings toward the purple diesel, but I hear great things about the LSD. Comments on any of these strains would be more than greatly appreciated.
  2. Never grown it personally, but I would definitely try that LSD out. I've been wanting to get one of those going for a while now.
  3. You stole my avatar!
  4. Go with purple d. Great grape tasting diesel with a good yield!
  5. No experience with the first 2 picks, Barney's Vanilla Kush(HTCC Award Winner) has some serious thc coverage, Had 1 pheno take 10 weeks growing budz wide as bud was tall kinda reminded me of a box, huh Vanilla box bud. We'll anyhowz upon smoking it, it will fill the room it was smoked in with a unique smell like vanilla cat piss mixed with insense back ground. Very nice rushing wave high.
  6. purple diesel all the way.
  7. Get that Purple Sour.
  8. ^
  9. Looks like you have the order down

    3.Vanilla Kush

  10. man those all sound good.i say get 2 more buckets.lol:D
  11. Purple Diesel or Vanilla KUSH!

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