Happy Yom Kippur

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  1. Now i am not a religious Jew but this is the one fast day that i really do try to make an effort to keep. 25 hours of no drinking or eating, supposed to spend nearly the whole day (tomorrow) praying but i really cant do that, just going to be studying and thinking and stuff.

    The fast started 2 hours ago and even if you arent jewish i welcome you to at least give up something for one day, weather it be weed or drinks or a meal, or even all out fast. It really is a nice break from the norm and is a test of will power.

    I hope all of you who are fasting have an easy fast :hello::hello:
  2. yom killur was the killer holiday i alwaysss enjoyed in middle school. i went to a private school in andover and a large % of the student body was of the jewish faith... never quite understood its meaning but definitely appreciated the hell out of it (3 day weekendsss)

    as i understand its more important than haunnakah? or is that yom kippur
  3. Na different holiday, we have like a million different ones really. chanakah is the one that falls out around the same time as Christmas.

    Yom kippur is the most important day in our faith.
  4. haha well im new here yet glad to say this is my holiday too

    edit:for those who dont kno this is one of the high holy holidays in the jewish religion. this is i think 1 week after rosh hashana and during that week you repent for your sins. you fast for the bad things you did
  5. I'm not Jewish... but I'm attending a synagogue tomorrow morning for the Yom Kippur service. I'm taking a religious studies class and we're required to make 3 visits to different religious services and write a paper. I've never been to a Jewish service before so this should be interesting. Anything I should know? The one I'm going to is a Jewish Reform synagogue, I've heard its a lot more like a Protestant Christian church and there's not nearly as much Hebrew.
  6. well i recomend when you walk in the door take a yalmakae(its a jewish skull cap) take a prayer book and take your seat. they are a great way to feel some of the jewish culture. they are very open and warm events and usuall last under 2 hours. you will see the torah and they usually walk up and down the center and the end of the isles soo i definently recommend taking an end seat. we the torah comes past you kiss the book they give you and touch it to the metal plate on the torah. have fun and good luck. oh shit i thought u ment shabbat ohh well this is what you do for a shabbat service

    ok yom kippur is very different. it is a very religous service. you will hear alot more hebrew because alot more of the torah is read react the same as a shabbat service as i stated above but i recommend you dress up very nicely. nice shirt ,tie and slacks and dress shoes for a high holy holiday. yet this service will be slightly longer then shabbat and dont bring any food thier either. well once again have fun and good luck:wave::hello:
  7. im muslim and its ramadan
    so i have to fast for a month.
    i can eat when the sun is up
  8. Damn my fast was brutal! I was getting real sick towards the end but i managed to pull through.

    Spent $10 at mcdonalds to break it, they had to give me 2 bags lol.

    Good stuff!

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