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Happy Turkey Day!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by RMJL, Nov 27, 2003.

  1. ...Or Ham Day, Chicken Day, Cornish Hen Day, Tofu Day or whatever it is you guys eat on Thanksgiving Day! :p

    I just hope everyone has a great day. Get stoned, eat....get stoned again, eat....get stoned one more time, eat dessert....and repeat, again. At least repeat the getting stoned part.

    For those who don't celebrate Thanksgiving, the same instructions apply to you too! Have a great day, stay stoned and eat a lot!!!!

  2. A very happy Thanksgiving to all you blades of the City from this Indiana man.

    And I'm going to bed!! :p
  3. Sweet dreams, Indy Man! Dream of turkeys chasing you down the street...oh, wait....that's kind of scary! Dream of sex on a cloud. There ya go. That's better! :)
  4. Happy T'day to all. doing bong hits, cooking, eating, and doing more bong hits!
  5. dont forget watching football
  6. tomarrowi s going to be the best ..lgonna get up waek n bake and have a happy family thanksgiving ,.. and smoke a couple bowls right before dinner :)

    get the munchies really good and eat chips n salsa and watch the football games! :)
  7. HIGH All, hope everyone is stuffed like the turkey they ate....and had after dinner mints when done.
  8. I'm goinna stuf myself on Turkey and little else, since I am on the Atkins Diet. My mom cooks nothing without all of the bad stuff in it.

    But I got the brand new hookah all packed and ready to smoke when it is over with.
  9. ooo today is gonna be fun!!! happy t-day all!
  10. Happy T-Day to every one... Let today be the day for given thanks for what we do have.

    Enjoy the day my friends..
  11. just smoked a few bowls now its time to see some family and eat some yummy food...mmm turkey
  12. well, i'm dry... but the other day finished off the last of my oz. mmm... "psycho midi's" is what they're being called :D

    anywayz, happy thanksgiving to all. and to those who don't celebrate thanksgiving, happy thursday :D
  13. Happy thanksgiving all..!:) Have a great one n smoke what ya can when ya can, aslong as getting stoned and eating turkey fits in there somehow:)...
  14. I have some jello shots made up for after toking.

    Like pina colada jello shots; cool and yummy either way

    Right now I am so fucking sleeping I could drop where I stand
  15. Unfortunately no turkey for me this T-day. I don't think turkey is a very popular meat in the Netherlands. Pork just doesn't quite cut it. Ah well, 3 more weeks.
  16. Got no check books, got no banks. Still I'd like to express my thanks - I got the sun in the mornin' and the moon at night.
    --Irving Berlin
  17. Oh man...Thanksgiving was so much simpler when I wasn't a stoner. I got baked right before we ate, stuffed myself until I got too sleepy to eat anymore...rested up, got baked again, then had pie.

    My stomach is crying happy, happy tears. Oooooooffff. Maybe it's time to blaze again! Start that cycle again!

    I gained four whole pounds today...

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