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Happy Turkey Day!!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Nov 28, 2002.

  1. i just wanted to say happy thanksgiving to all you blades and bladies out there!!!!!

    take a hit and gobble!
  2. ya man, is that a dick on your avatar?
  3. Happy thanksgivin y'all!

    don't forget your after turkey j now ya hear?

    Attached Files:

  4. no
  5. what is it?
  6. it's a funny shaped blue microphone
  7. you have got to be kidding. no offense, but it doesn't look like one.
  8. Happy thanksgiving everyone
  9. Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow blades out there!!!!!!!! Hope today is a great one for you all!!!!!!! And try not to eat too much today when you have all this good food and the munchies from hell!!!!!!!!!
  10. Happy Thankgiving to all of the city. There are some people around the world, who don't celebrate this day. For these people I say Happy stoner day.

    This is a day to be stoned!
  11. I don't celebrate Thanksgiving, as I'm in the UK...

    Is it just an excuse to eat more than you can handle? lol, sound fun :D

    And, I would get stoned today, but I haven't had weed or money for two weeks now....


  12. I'll smoke many a bowls for you today!!!!!!!! May the pot god bless you really soon!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Yes, it is. Come to think eating a whole bunch for no real reason is a very American thing. Oh, and I'd be happy to smoke a bowl or two for you :)
    I don't have any weed but a friend of mine is picking up a 1/4 oz of nugs today, hopefully he'll share
  14. YAY!!!! Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

    And for those of you not celebrating the turkey, Happy Stoner Day. It really should be Happy Stoner-With-The-Munchies Day since we're going to all be eating so much, you guys should too. It's only fair!!!!

    I'm not going to get all mushy in this post since I did in another one a few days ago, but I'm still going to say that I'm thankful for all of you crazy people here at the City. I love you guys....(that last comment was a bit mushy but I can live with that!)

    KraziHare and D9.....I'll smoke bowls for you all day long!!! That goes for Sensi, too!!!!
  15. this year while my family goes off to my aunts, then to my grandmoms, i will be home alone... no weed, just good tunes, the net, and a list of chores i need to get done.

    anywayz, happy thanksgiving everyone... and for those of you who don't celebrate turkey day... have a happy BEAVER day!!! muahahaha... the church's first holiday :D lmao

    smoke a little for me guys (and gals :))

    much love to you all
  16. Bo selecta!
  17. bi trifecta?
  18. Happy Thanksgiving all. i love eating way to much for no good reason. This is the best holiday besides 4/20

  19. lol. god bless america.

  20. thaaaaaaaaanks! me and the fam celebrated the day before, went out to the casinos, ate a very expensive dinner, gambled, won some moola, got real drunk and went to work today hungover! woooooohoo! actually hit me on my way to work..when I passed some house and I could actually smell the turkey! I wish we coulda had a thanksgivin dinner but oh well. life is life, c'est la vie! I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday and stoner day! lol.

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