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Happy St Pattys Day

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Dankdro, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. Even though I am not Irish, this is just a day in the middle of the week that has an excuse for us all to drink....what a lovlie day. I currently attend college, but am still trying to get drunk sometime today. Last class ends at 5 and Im headin straight up to Bean Town to watch the Celtics vs Nuggets game. Should be pretty fun. Does anyone know how strict they are on ID's up there? I am 20 and I have a friends 21 ID, hope it works
  2. happy st. patricks day!!! i'm scottish but that's alrighty. only thing is it's my hubs bday, and he's on the wagon. hopefully he's still riding home on it from work tonite!
  3. Give it a go with the Id theyll prob just look it over. Happy green day. Ive got a bit of irish in me so kisses all around. :)

  4. happy St Pat's......... hey shogun, where are you, our resident great grandad was irish, and one my uncles, and my cousins are from Donegaul..........God bless Eire..........Peace out.......Sid
  5. Doesn't everybody know, Everyones Irish on Saint Pattys day.
  6. Here, here! Happy St. Patty's day to one and all! Pints of Guinness on me for all ya blades! :D

    Mmmm.... Steak in a blender baby!

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  7. mmmmmmmmmm i'm off to the pub now after seeing that few pints of the black stuff......mmmmmm i like a pint of Porter even more, it's like Tar, twice as thick as out........Sid
  8. looks good.... too bad im broke and all i got is a lil' nug. oh well, ill have a bud light or somethin LOL
  9. happy late st patty's day. hope everyone got drunk. i know i did. :D
  10. Yah, I have no plans for this, the greenest of days. Maybe ill throw some food coloring in a beer. Its amazing though IndianaT, that guiness still looks good after a year. :)
  11. happy st pattys day...:smoking: ...maybe it be a very green day for all...;)
  12. Haha...i just got so confused there for a minute. I was like, I KNOW St. Pat's didn't happen yet...not even across the pond!
  13. Word, im so excited yall have NO IDEA :D I'm gonna be so smashed and so :smoking: Called up my Irish friend and it is Onnnnn! HAPPY ST PATTYS!!:D

    Don't forget to wear green!!!! Some people can pinch the fuck out of you. :p
  15. Yeah this chick i know is hell of pincher. this one time i took a few nugs out her bag she got me so hard. had to smoke 5 bowls to get the pain away
  16. I had never heard of this - Wacky Illinoisans dying their river green!

    The greening of Chicago River, St. Patrick's Day, 2005, Michigan Ave. bridge, downtown Chicago.

    The dyeing of the Chicago River green is a 50-year-old tradition (this year) held annually on St. Patrick's Day celebration, usually witnessed by hundreds of people (as you can see in the picture). This year, there was a lovely twist in the greening of the river. The City of Chicago put up the honor of tossing the green dye to the river for auction on eBay (as part of its "Great Chicago Fire Sale" fundraising effort)! A local bank won the honor for $7,600 (forgot the exact name of the bank).

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  17. yep wearing my green tie dye. looking forward to pinching and/or tickling others.
  18. Fuck...I forgot to dress in green....ah least I'll get loaded and start acting like an irishman in a few hours...
  19. Im quater irish ... and im fucking drunk... a guiness washed down by a bottle of white wine and a bottle of red does the trick. do you know how ard it is to type sdrunk ? fucking hard
  20. The uniform I wear for work is Red and Green... Isn't there something to wearing red on St. Patty's day?

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