happy st paddys day :D

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQP-uHn0srU]Wild Rover Dropkick Murphys - YouTube[/ame]

    Yeah okay, I'm going by Irish time (come on blades, just let me go by irish time for once, it is st paddy day..).. it's 4am here and I've already kick started the drinking.

    But a very happy st. paddy's day to you all! (except anyone who refers to it as st. 'pattys' day.. that just ain't right)

    To those of you who are actually in Ireland, I shall be up the Dublin mountains during the day.. smoking some green in honour of the green man himself. I'll keep an eye out for snakes up there. (If you don't get that reference, you really need to actually look up St. Patrick :D) If any you want to join me, grand and well.. you know where I'll be.

    To those of you with Irish ancestry, keep the flag flying and be proud of your roots :)

    To those of you with nothing to do with Ireland, feck it.. it's an excuse to drink and wear an obnoxious amount of green.
    Look here's even a wee guide telling yiz what NOT to do: 8 Insulting Ways People Act 'Irish' on St. Patrick's Day | Cracked.com

    But like I was saying.. all and all have a great day whatever you do.
    Slán agus beanacht and all that shite

  2. Time to not drink, I've been drunk pretty much every night this past week.......

  3. ah you're grand i think I'm drinking enough for 10 blades right now sure :laughing:
  4. To you also OP.
    just half past 12 where I am, so technically It has started for me aswell.
    Already was drinking/smoking..but now I'm doing it on St.Patricks day, aha.
  5. Since its so early for ya, Top of the Morning to ya and a Happy Saint Paddys day, Twee. :smoke:

    Still have 22 minutes to go over here, but might be spending it with Cousin.

    She wants to sneak me into a bar, be a great St Paddys day then lol.
  6. 10:47ish PM over here in canada
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    Erin go bragh!!

    Good friend of mine is irish. Im going over to his house tomorrow to cook some corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and carrots. Lets not forget the guinness and jameson =)

    Beanacht la faile padraig!!!
  8. Isn't calling it "st paddy's day" one of the 8 things on the list? :p But first beer of the day is being cracked open, should be a good one.
  9. Seeing as I'm 18 and not considered an adult yet, even though I'm considered an adult, I have no easy access to alcohol.

    Party tonight but it's BYOB, oh well I guess I'll trade bud for booze
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    Duecin a 24 of corona with my boys tonight, TIME TO GET HAM
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    Was gonna find your page and say it, but you made a thread! Wooo :hello: more for everyone!

    Happy ST PADDYS DAY GC!!!

    I "quit"/ dont drink so drink a bunch for me!!

  12. Happy St. Paddys day everyone!! Jamesons and Guiness all around!!! Some other greenery as well :yay:

    "Is there any girls who would like a little more Irish in them?"

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wMIKB-h8uo][HQ] Thin Lizzy - Emerald - Live and Dangerous [HQ] - YouTube[/ame]
  13. going to a st patty's day party tonight at college park, bringing a 30 pack of bud light, 1 liter of captain morgan tattoo, 6 budweiser tall boys and a 6 pack of beck's. there's going to be tons of busch keystone and miller there too. but unfortunately i think i'm the only one bringing liquor. -_- should be a good night anyways hahaha

  14. nah Paddy is short for Pádraig which is Patrick's real name.. Patrick in just what the british named him (hiss) :)

    Calling Paddy 'patty' is just an insult

    darksmoker, i'm looking at you :laughing:

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