Happy Square Root Day Everyone!

Discussion in 'General' started by xtiffany, Mar 4, 2009.

  1. 3^2= 9 and today is 03/03/09!

    the next square root day is April 4, 2016. (4^2=16)
    only happen nine times in a century.

    AND 3/14 is just week away, and you know what that means: PI DAY!! im guessing its math month, haha!

    but i hate math. :)
  2. cool beans :smoking:
  3. dude pi day was the shit in school
    my math teacher would have everyong bring in a pie and we'd eat and do math equations :cool:
  4. Pi Day is my birthday, so I was taking so much time thinking about that that I totally let this one slip my mind.


  5. Square root of 2009 is 44.8218697.

    The whole concept is fail
  6. its square root DAY, not year.

    you fail at reading.

  7. You fail at understanding what this day means or math for that matter

  8. awesome, i wish my birthday was on Pi Day, but its okay. haha my bday is March 27th, atleast its the same month. hahaha

    happy birthday in advance! i hope you eat some pi. haha :)
  9. you know whats better than 3/3/09 or 3/14? 4/20 day
  10. arguing is not allowed on square root day
    so lets just smoke a bowl and be greatful for square roots!!!
  11. gosh, you just made the whole thing complicated by over thinking about it.
    GTFO if you have nothing positive to say. :wave:
  12. exactly, i just wanted to wish everyone a happy square root day. :eek:
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    the next one happens in 7 years, 4/4/2016

    edit; OP already said that lol

    anyways happy square root day!

    I cant wait till pie day - 3.14 lol
  14. My birthdays on Pi Day too :D
  15. just burned one for the last remaining half hour of square root day :bongin:
  16. anyone down for kwanza?

    YA WOO!

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