Happy Ramadan :)

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    I'm going to start fasting in a few minutes, damn this is going to be hard :(
    hopefully i will be able to calm down mentally and physically through out the month.

    Wish me luck GC :wave:

    Ramadan Kareem,

    gangsta shit
  2. Didn't realise you were muslim Acidtrip,

    Hope it goes well, and enjoy your meals after the sun has set...

  3. What do you just eat at sun set ?? That sounds amazing Acidtrip good luck my fried did this and passed out allot
  4. Hahahah thanks Ralta.

    SM, i fast from the sun rise till the sunset.. it actually helps a lot, i mean physically you lose weight and feel a little more healthy not only because you eat twice a day(most people) but the food is also different.

    plus mentally you feel really good about yourself, through out the month you feed the poor and never curse or think of even harming anyone, it's really peaceful... everyone just wants to chill nothing more.

  5. That sounds really amazing, maybe i will try it one day
  6. Hahah funny thing is 98% of my friends are foreigners and they used to try and fast with my brother and i so we wouldn't feel left out. they all said it was worth a shot.

    all i can say is the most you will ever appreciate food, for having it.
  7. Ramadan Kareem .. I'm Muslim too, gonna try to fast as well. ;)
  8. i would never make it through ramadan with the munchies
  9. How do you cope with munchies? Lol jw
  10. Happy Ramadan to you!
    I'm not muslim, but I'm in the middle east right now, so there all doing it lol.

    Good luck to you.

    But question. Can you smoke weed after sunset?
  11. You can't smoke during the fast obviously.

    After the sunset yeah it's ok, just don't get too fucked up.
    Try to be in the normal state of mind with just a little more adjustments, that's the way i see it.

    where are you in the middle east frost?
  12. Jordan.
    But the city I'm in is not Muslim.
  13. im not sure if im beginning to fast tomorrow or the day after but good luck to anyone who is fasting.
    In high school i was the quarterback of the football team and the hardest thing i had to do while fasting was going to practice for 3 hours a day. it wasnt physically difficult all the time but i would be mentally unfocused. like midway through a play i wouldnt realize i still had the ball in my hand then once i realized i thought "oh crap i need to throw it still". those were only my bad days though haha

    anyways good luck everyone, and i really encourage any blades of any faith to try fasting. It's a great experience
  14. Jordan is a tough place man, i really don't like it hahahaha good people though...... at times :laughing:

    Best of luck caster, what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?
  15. A tough place? Explain lol.
    This is the only country in the ME I've been to.
  16. Good luck, buddy!
  17. I would make a poor muslim. I'm very skinny and when I need to eat I need to eat.

    Good Luck
  18. Thank you Mr. Sam and Mr. philosiraptor.
  19. aren't you not allowed to eat or drink? or is it just eat? i had a friend in 1st grade who's family celebrated ramadan but i dont remember what they did lol

    anyway, good luck
  20. We can't drink,eat,mastrubate,smoke,puke or take any sort of medication.

    nothing enters or leaves your system technically ;)

    Thanks a lot bruv

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