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  1. Would you rather be happy or rich, and for the purposes of this post they don't come hand in hand. If you choose happy you love your job, life whatever, but just scrape by. If you choose rich, you have all the bank you could imagine, but your job sucks (cant quit) and while you may not hate life, you have little time to do the shit you love.
    Sorry if i made the options sound lopsided one way or the other.
    Personally I'd rather be happy, I can't imagine waking up early and going to a job I hate every morning. I just want to move to the beach and surf all day. Granted Im only 19 so after 4 years of student loans I might not feel the same way then, but how about you guys?
  2. rich biiioootch!

    rich = extremely happy.. and if you say it doesnt your full of shit.
  3. I'd rather be rich and unhappy than broke and miserable.
  4. rich...who the fuck is sad when they are rich? i mean if you were dead poor you could be sad one day..and not have the opportunity to buy something that could make him less sad

    dumbest question ever imo
  5. As much as people say money doesn't = happiness, it sure does help a lot. I mean if you're rich you don't have to go to the job you hate, you can spend the rest of your life traveling the world and experiencing new things. Instead of working you can take a class or help others, if that's what makes you happy. So I'd say rich, because I feel like money goes a long way in helping you find happiness.
  6. I'd rather be happy. Or, I think 'content' would be a better word.

    You can call me full of shit, but I really do not believe that wealth brings happiness.

  7. pretty much how I feel about it
  8. Im saying I'd rather be happy and not that rich, chill shack at the beach to hang my head at night, than rich and miserable. After a while you realize shit is just shit and it gets old. However you cud prob get some killer bud.:smoking:
  9. I would choose happiness over money...I know some people who won 7 million bucks in the lottery a couple years back and it literally ripped their family apart....the mother and father were on the verge of divorce so they separated and a couple days later, the father was found in a hotel bathtub, fully clothed, sitting in cold water dead of an overdose on cocaine, now the son is an addict and the daughter is well on her way...

    I been just scraping by my whole life, but I'm okay with that...I have my family and that's all I need :)
  10. if you could choose to be happy, why would anyone choose anything else? if you choose happy, you'd be happy regardless of what happened if your life. whereas being rich doesn't guarantee happiness. if you think so... youre a fool.

    id much rather be happy.
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    I'm surprised so many smokers are so concerned with money. I really don't care about being rich, at all. I just want to have enough money so that I'm not living from pay check to pay check, as long as I've got that, I really don't care about what materialistic possessions I have like a nice car, huge house, or expensive clothes.

    I'd take happiness over wealthiness every time.

    Edit: I got ninja'd by 5 posts within a minute, and now it seems like most here are on the same page as me.
  12. i know many people who are very rich but very depressed/ unhappy
    but i think happiness comes with wealth being more than money
  13. $ has always made me happy.
  14. the only reason why people are choosing being rich is because they only THINK that it will make them happy. it will for a while, but its a fact that once you get used to having that money that you will get "used" to it, and consequently seek something else for happiness.

    i'd rather skip that process and just attain eternal happiness.

  15. exactly :)

    wanting more money only leads to wanting more money.
  16. I said rich because I've been in a span in my life where I realize that money is everything and makes me honestly happy. I've been in a depression. Shit sucks!

  17. fuck off ass hole. money has nothing to do with happiness. But apparently you think so, so in my opinion your just another shallow piece of shit that makes this world a worse place to live in.

  18. happy, to tell u the truth

    but if i chose rich, and i couldn't quit, i'd find a way to get fired

  19. That's only true if you want the money for materialistic purposes. For me, I'd want the money because it'd allow me to stay in school as long as I want and learn until my heart's content, and travel as much as I want. I could collect rare books and open an animal shelter, and of course smoke a ton of weed. Those are the things that make ME happy, and being rich would only allow me to do those things.

    So no, I won't get bored and want even more money, or become a coke head. I wouldn't spend all of my money on objects and partying, those aren't the things that make me happy.
  20. I didn't read any post in this thread, but I want to state that I think the question posed is full of shit.

    Who the hell says you can't be happy and rich? But then again, who says you can't be poor and happy?

    Money makes things easier, this is a given.. But happiness has to be achieved and worked for.

    If I would somehow make a million dollars there's no doubt in my mind I would make a billion with it. Goddamn if I only had some start up money I could create so many new products, introduce new ideas, and invest wisely.. Goddamn not having any money makes me kinda depressed. lol. Ironic, no? :)

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