Happy Meal Ban: McDonald's Outsmarts San Francisco

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  1. Happy Meal Ban: McDonald's Outsmarts San Francisco - San Francisco News - The Snitch

  2. If they want to get around the happy meal, just rebrand it as the super duper fun time meal.
  3. "In order to include a toy with a meal, restaurants must now comply with city-generated nutritional standards."

    The name of it has nothing to do with it. Simply cannot include a free toy with food that is unhealthy. It is now 2 separate purchases. 1 for the food and 1 for the toy which is legal. :wave:
  4. Just ban fast-food places from selling/distributing toys. Problem solved.

  5. You miss the premise of the whole article.

    Well intentioned regulation, blows up in the face of legislators, makes more $ for McDonalds in the end.

    Rather then banning fast food places from giving out toys, why not just be a responsible parent and give your child food that is actually healthy & edible?

    "Maybe the kids wont want the greasy fries if the hamburgler toy doesn't come with it :rolleyes:"
  6. Well if they couldn't sell Happy Meal toys, then they couldn't use it as an incentive to draw in children. It's predatory marketing, and the problem of McDicks turning the tables on the legislation would be solved if they full stop banned them from doing anything to circumvent the ban.
  7. Who buys the happy meal?

    I don't know any small children with their own disposable incomes.
  8. Another example that regulations DONT WORK.

    Less government , Less Regulation.

    I love it !
  9. What ever happened to the people being responsible for what they eat? Oh yea, it's 2011.
  10. But really though, who was ever excited to go to McDonalds for the awesome toys in the happy meal?
  11. McDonald's toys are some serious shit. I think maybe 10 years they were giving out some Pokemon toys with their happy meals, but they ran out of toys. So one disgruntled boy got his Father to yell at the cashier and manager. I will always remember how ridiculous that shit is.
  12. Unfortunate that parents can't take responsibility for their kids, and the Govt. steps in to further erode our rights....

  13. Damn man. I always remembered the kids meal toys as being shitty characters from an upcoming movie.
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    This isn't just San Fran, the company I work for has made an attempt at making the happy meals with less calories. They (as in the company) threatened to take away the crappy toy as well.

    Instead of a small fry or apple dippers with caramel dipping sauce, the Happy Meals now come with "kids fries" and "apple slices" (no caramel sauce).

    The mighty meal used to come with a double cheeseburger but has been downgraded to the mcdouble.

    The kids fries box is extremely small and is extremely hard to get fries into. More fries end up getting spilled than in the box. And the apple slices are small as well. They almost look like the diced apples you get with the oatmeals.

    Now there are lazy ass parents out there. Every night without fail there's hundreds of parents that are too lazy to cook for their kids so they take them to McDonalds. They aren't poor I know that for sure. I work in a rich area. But still, don't fuck them happy meals. Come on.

    I've been working since Super Size stuff, and people still order their meals that way. I mean, people who want to be unhealthy are gonna be if they want to be.

    Dude, people go crazy over the toys. A little while ago when we had the Smurf toys, some lady came in with a fuckin list when it was BUSY AS HELL, and asked if I had any of them. I told her that I don't know, and she told me (didn't ask me) to go to the back and look. So I went back there knowing full well I'd get yelled at by my managers for leaving the front counter, and I dicked around and came back and I made sure the lady saw me get yelled at, and she left and never came back.
  15. LOL

    Silly government.
  16. loop holes only work when no one else knows about them....
  17. Another case of elitist politicians trying to limit freedom in the name of knowing what's better.

    Hummmmm, I think the Nazi's introduced laws that limited the freedom of the Jews all in the name of knowing what's better for the Germans.
  18. if u dont want ure kid eating unhealthy. dont take him/her to mcdonalds you idiot parents.

  19. just like how murder is illegal because the government thinks they know what's best for the people i kill.
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    :rolleyes: Because violating the non aggression principle and restricting how you can market fast foods are somehow related.

    Good one :laughing:

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