Happy Labor Day!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoner420Chick, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. Hope everyone else is enjoying a nice holiday. Just smoked a joint out on the deck as the sun was coming up and the rest of the world was sleeping. That was pretty nice. Definitely a good wake n bake. Probably can't smoke the rest of the day though :( But I need a break, I smoked a lot this weekend. Back to work tomorrow. The working part sucks, the getting paid part is awesome:hello:
  2. best wake and bake to me was on my trip to mexico amazing on the beach with my jd and a blunt with my bro and best friend :) i miss that feeling
  3. Happy Labor Day to you too!!!

    I've been awake for a little bit, but I'm about to blaze one through my stemless while drinking some coffee. Wishing I could go chill outside, but I want to smoke out of my bong and that's too obvious when the neighbors are home =D

    I was supposed to work today too, but I changed my availability about 3-4 weeks ago and I'm scheduled against it, so I let them know a couple days back I wouldn't be coming in.
  4. haha dude its 3:30 pm over here and im not a sleep yet!! i have a sleeping disorder when im sober fuck that its annoying and i have to interview some people in like an hour
  5. I forgot to go to the Beer Store soo I kinda fucked myself over for tonight haha...the majority of my friends are moving back to Londy this afternoon so we're all gonna party tonight and I guess I'm gonna be "that one" and show up lacking booze. Jeesh.
  6. Show up with plenty of bud instead. I find that if I supply some bud people have no problem letting me drink. It'll cost you as much as the beer would to just roll up a joint or blunt and smoke some people up in exchange for it.
  7. I'm nice and toasty lol ::smoking::
  8. its an alright labor day. my boss failed to call and tell me we didnt have work today so i drove for a bout 2.5 hours to and from work this morning, but...
    i slept for a while and now im hittin that zong and drinkin me a 40.
    least today looked up.
  9. Happy Labor Day everyone!

    Time to fire up the grill and crack open a beer. Or 15. :D
  10. Happy Labor Day, Blades!!! Stay stoned and safe! :D
  11. What kinda bullshit holiday is this anyway?

    I need to go to the fucking DMV and it's a holiday?

    Lazy bastards, it's labor day, people should be doing labor.
  12. happy labor day. The family had a carnesada yesterday at my nana's house, pretty chill saw family I haven't seen in forever, and got drunk as fuck with my cousin's and tio's. It was like midnight when we started heading home when I get a call from my friends saying they had a gang of weed and if I wanted to hang. They came by swooped me up, we parked in some neighborhood and hotboxed, got fuckin ripped they went to del taco. So yeah it was a good labor day weekend.

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