Happy Holidays! Lets hear what ya got!

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. Hello all, and Happy Holidays.

    So for all those who celebrate Christmas, what did ya get this year?

    So far, from my parents, my girlfreind, my brother, and my uncle:

    New Keyboard. Saitek Eclipse. Facking awesome.
    New shoes.
    Boxer pants.
    3 shirts. One of them has this guy and 3 girls on it, and it says "Im here for the gang bang".
    Socks and Boxers.
    Cologne Gift Box. Comes with 6 little cologne bottles.
    College John Belushi Poster.
    This awesome picture my moms freind drew me of the tree with the hanging heart from the new Used CD. Its on like a big poster type sized paper, and its framed. Looks real good.
    Lot of lotto tickets, won $16, not bad.

    Tomorrow, im going down to my grandparents house, to see them, more aunts and uncles, and cousin. Usualy just get money from all them though, all good, I need to go clothes shopping.

    So, what did everyone get this year? Christmas is finaly here, and Christmas is finaly over. Now I get to just chill and relax, the craziness is over!

    Happy Holidays everyone. Be safe, drive safe, and dont get to hammered! :hello:
  2. I got an acoustic/electric bass guitar that ive wanted for a while.

    Merry christmas man, happy holidays.
  3. lock picking kit w/ dvd =), loads a moola(bud money), and i dont have to pay my mom back for my car, i paid a grand and she paid 3000 and she just told me i didnt have to pay her back, i was like =-O

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