Happy Halloween!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by RMJL, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. BOO!

    Happy Halloween, Stoners.

    Halloween on a Friday...that's a cool thing! I hope everyone has a safe and very fun fright night. Stay stoned and try not to scare people too bad. ;) Yeah right, scare the hell out of everyone!!!!!!! :D Stay stoned, too! That's a very important detail that we all need to make sure we do!!!
  2. "Lungfulls of kind smoke"

    I love that! My lungs will be full all night long!!!!

    I think stoners appreciate Halloween more than non-stoners. Not sure why, but it's what I think! Might be cause I'm already filling my lungs!!!! :D

  3. Ya know, I've thought that to for awhile now. :D Maybe it's cause we can get super big bags of munchie food, i don't know!!

    I'll be filling the lungs with as much smoke as they can take for as long as they will take it.......

    Starting about 5:15 pm. :D

    God I love Holidays!!
  4. Is anyone dressing up for Halloween? It's a requirement for the party that I'm going to later. I'm going as a Dead Girl! Very dead. I have all of my bruises done and they look really good. I just have to apply my cuts and the slit to my neck and then all the blood and the final makeup touches...FUNFUNFUN!!! I hate that spirit gum that has to be used to adhere these latex things to my skin but it will be worth it! YAY! HALLOWEEEEEENNNNN!!!!!
  5. Go home and get high, INDY!!!!! Unless you're CST, then you have another hour...heh!!!
  6. um... on my calender, it says halloween is sunday the 31st. i assume you are not in america(?). but even if halloween is on the 29th out.. uh... where evere you may be, may it be filled with spooky, drug filled candy and not the rasor blades editon! bring a maglite heavy duty flashlight, theyre good for hittin kids in the head and thakin their "earnings"!!! HeHeHe!
    ahh... but seriously. have a groovy ol' hallow's eve and be safe and get as much candy as you can; theyre good for munchies!
  7. oops, this is an OLD post. i scared myself there; im a lil high... jus a lil..............

  8. hahha i thought the same thing...

    gettin ahead of yourself rummy ;) :p
  9. sooo mean halloween's on a sunday this year :(... ..have to wake up monday morning with a hangover now... :p ..why cant it be a Friday or sAturady

  10. This is entirely too funny!!!! :D Cute!

    Boo!!!! LOL!
  11. Lol got me quite confused when i started reading this. I had to check the calendar, and it said 22nd, then read down slightly further, ah there we go, all explained. Im definitely looking forward to halloween though, i have the day off after halloween, so i have time to recover!
  12. halloween so soon! i better get practicing! :smoking:

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