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Happy Friday! :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AdamArmy, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Anyone else having a good friday? Woke up with a waterfall hit, going to take another in 10 minutes, maybe go to the gas station get some snacks. My friend is coming over later and we are gonna get very blazed and try to go somewhere fun. A good start to winter break! :smoke::smoke:
  2. this friday was awesome. Just finished up college for christmas. i just finished smoking a nice joint in with new zig zag wraps (first time using), and just finished rolling a 4 sheet L-sheet for my mate. Now going to bed, tired lol.
  3. Today should be fun. Just woke up now, smoking a few pipe bowls while chillin to some classic rock. Rented a hotel room for the night with the besties, gonna get shitfaced and super high.
  4. Don't get vacation till next Friday, FML
  5. very jelous of you lads, just sat at work counting down the seconds untill i can sprint to my car and light the fat J that is waiting for me, its gonna be a good evening!
  6. Heading to the dispensary later to get some new smoke.

    Going xmas shopping later, hopefully with some nice edibles in me :hippie:
  7. This week seemed a little long but today it's getting paid off cuz I just got Skyrim and I'll be picking up an eighth soon

    Happy friday everyone! Stay safe
  8. Im at work form 10am to 8pm today, but itll be worth it for tonight. Picking up some Grape Ape!!!
  9. The kids are havin tea at grandma's so tea time vaping is on the agenda :) FRIDAY! :) whooooooooooo
  10. Not yet, but will be later. Finally picking up an ounce for the first time.
  11. Ya man i woke up this friday morney and smoked a few bowls. Im pretty high, cant wait for later ganna be a good day. Have a good friday dude!
  12. I have to stay in and babysit my younger sister tonight. :(

    Getting paid though so tomorrow that's going straight on some Kush. Staying at my friends from Saturday through to Monday. Smoking a quart! :)
  13. Happy fried-day no work pickin up some a q of some sour :hippie:
  14. No class. Day Off. taking alot of those recently lol. just took 2 nice rips of Headband and about to smoke a joint and more bong. kickin back in the sun reading a nice book and smoking all day. and a family friend just rang the doorbell and gave me some christmas money and a card. today is a win. tonight is a big ball of anticipation.
  15. Im having a 2 g blunt today :) happy fried-day to all stonners out there :bongin:
  16. I woke up to my alarm being annoying, had a huge fart which smelled like black death and made me gag. I was in that freshly-awake confusion, and I was attacked by my awful gas. It was terrible. I gagged, but held it back. Turns out I just really had a big sneeze, after that I was able to control my gagging.

    That's how MY fucking friday is.
  17. Tonight shall be a perfect night, me and a close friend are taking some "unmentionables" and smoking a good bit. Wish us luck ;)
  18. I'm about to get out of school for christmas break :) and I'm picking up an ounce later so its probably gonna be a great day.
  19. happy friday everyone!!!! I hope everyone has an amazing day and weekend! be safe and have fun! :smoke:
  20. I love Fridays! I usually vape every night before bed to help me sleep but Friday is a different story. Boutta get super high tonight! Have a good night, blades. :)


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