Happy Friday the 13th GC

Discussion in 'General' started by Nash92, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. Anyone have any plans for the day? Thankfully I have today free, and I'm planning on smoking then watching my box set of Friday the 13th movies, 1-8. :smoke: I caught a bit of Jason Lives on TV last night, and that got me pumped! It's gonna be a good day! :smoke:
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  2. 9/13/13

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  3. I am also going to watch the series today. i actually watched 1 last night im about to start up 2 now.
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  4. Visit my guy for a refill of Stash. Hope he's got some good shit.  Plan out a killer dinner. Chill 
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  5. Work haha. Just another day to me I guess. Nothing special like 4/20
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  6. Clean, play guitar, fill out a job application or two, clean more, get some beer if my head isn't throbbing too bad. 
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  7. I've got an interview later, but other than that ill likely head to the gym haha.

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  8. Perfect! :D
  9. I was gonna celebrate with getting my nose pierced but I pussied out and still had to pay the 10 bucks.. I've had my lip, nips, tongue, and septum pierced but idk why the idea of a nose piercing seemed unbearable today, and it was discounted!!! I wasn't even nervous before hand, but when I asked if someone could come back with me they said no and tried rushing me and I started feeling nervous that I was regretting the piercing and holding up the piercer since it was a busy day, so I had to pay her the money for contaminated jewelry and dipped..
    Happy Friday the 13th :(
  10. hmm, i slept, took kid to daycare, skipped class and went for a stoned jog on a nature trail....home, stoned and straight chillin'. what a horrible day this friday the 13th was oh no.
  11. Fun story. My brother had to be born via a c section. the doctors were telling my parents they could do it on Friday (the 13th) if that wasn't a problem. And my dad said "no that's not a problem, I'm not suspicious"
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  12. good afternoon Mr. Random
  13. Wait why is this day significant again?
  14. because its like, friday the thirteenth man
  15. [​IMG]
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  16. [​IMG]
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  17. I believe the word you are looking for is "superstious"
  18. just another beer drinking joint smoking friday :smoke:
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  19. Exactly pal that's why it was funny

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