Happy Fathers Day!

Discussion in 'General' started by quiet1, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. Just wanted to remind everyone that its fathers day! so happy fathers day to all the fellow dads here in the city!
  2. You took the words right off my key board! Happy Father's day to all the CG daddy's! I hope you guys have a great day! TTFN
  3. oh crap.
  4. Happy Father's Day to all of the cool stoner Dads!!! :D
  5. "oh crap."

    haha... somebody been getting too stoned and dun forget its fathers day, hurry up and rush to the store! u can still get a card... i almost forgot... i thought it was fathers day yesterday... and i hadnt gotten my dad anything, but luckily it wasn't, and yesterday i went out and got some shit!

    wooo, happy fathers day everyone, smoke a nice big fat bowl with your pops if ya can! and if not... *here dad, its a brownie from this new bakery in town*.... heh.. j/k!

    love to all the fathers out there, your job sure as hell ain't easy.
  6. Happy Father's Day!!!!!

    ps--did you know that Father's Day is the most lucrative day of the year for booksellers? We've sold more books in the past week than we do any other time of year.
  7. Happy fathers day..

    They should have like..Happy stoners day..Oh wait..that's 420!:smoking::bongin:
  8. I wish i could show my dad my appreciation by burning a joint with him.... oh well.
  9. me too man, me too. I'll just give him a hug instead tho :hello:

  10. actually ive been sober for 3 and a halfweeks, i just forget all those hallmark holidays. its just my natural stupidity ;)
  11. This bong is a present my daughter gave me for fathers day today...she and her boyfriend made it for me...lol....hits pretty good.....

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  12. I don't even have to tell you how awesome that is.
  13. Yeah..I was touched...I forgot to mention that they gave me a giant snickers bar to go along with it....lol
  14. I dont buy into the whole, father/mothers day thng. Its just a gimmick, I can show my appreciation for my parents all year round, not just one day.

  15. Will you be my father too? :p
  16. Why not...lol
  17. ha i love fathers day

    i picked up some haze a lil while ago so i drove over to my pops crib and gave him some

    happy fathers day haha

  18. I got a new iPod for graduation and gave my Dad my old mini with all his music loaded onto it. Does both of us well, one mans garbage is another mans treasure I guess. :p
  19. Oh shit...

    My father came over with a DVD today wanting to watch it and I had a party last night so the place was all fucked up and I got into an arguement with him, and I had completely forgotten today was Father's Day.

    I am a terrible mortal.:(

  20. ...and to those that are Father's-to-be, too!!!!! :D

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