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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by crim, May 13, 2011.

  1. Here's the footnotes of my order:
    Jet-Flash Smoke System - English - Grasscity.com
    Ordered: 4/25/2011
    Shipped: 4/29/2011
    Arrived: 5/12/2011
    I live in Southern California and this is my third order from Grasscity and while some packages may have taken a bit to get here, I am understanding as I am on the complete opposite side of the globe basically.
    It came in a brown box filled with styrofoam peanuts and had "fragile" labeled tape around it and on the customs sticker it said in really crappy hand writing (as always in my case) "Glass Pipe" it honestly looked like it said "Slass Pie".
    :smoke:Now I'm stoned and very happy, thanks Grasscity and I will continue to do business with you!:wave:
  2. glad you enjoyed your experience shopping in gc.

    happy toking man.
  3. Haha already broke the diffuser when I was shaking water out of the bubbler and didnt know it was still in there. Shitty, but w/e i've had worse happen xD
  4. Damn,at least that shows it worked.
  5. Shit, ill throw in some good feedback for GC store while im here

    Ordered: April 25
    Shipped: April 29
    Received: May 12

    Everything as described, couldent be happier with my purchase

    Haha just noticed the OP and my dates are the exact same
  6. Yeah i noticed that 2, hahhaha that's weird :) seems like may 12th has been good on a couple of folks.

    happy smoking man.

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