Happy Cinco De Mayo

Discussion in 'General' started by Cali_Toker, May 2, 2003.

  1. cheers to cinco de mayo, the best time to buy corona cause its allways on sale.

    Heres a nug from a new batch i picked up.

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  2. sweet looking nug ya got there. looks exactly like the stuff i used to get out here in anaheim...for real. you are in cali right? lol...ok dumb question. hope you have a happy cinco de mayo toker! late.
  3. lol thanks but thats may 5th isnt it?
  4. ^^ yeah im a dumbass. Imagine how stupid i felt when i asked a mexican co-worker today if he went out for cinco de mayo last night......haha well happy cindo de mayo weekend then i guess :)
  5. damn dude you always have good weed
  6. isnt that until May 5th? i am not sure! happy cinco de whatever!
  7. well actually your right, people start celebrating cino de mayo today and continue till the end of the 5th.....

    best way to enjoy an ice cold corona....lime..l.. with a shot of limon in it......tasty...
  8. i always say happy this or that or whatever the holiday is before it even comes around...like saying happy holidays or "have a merry christmas" ^_^ happy may fith everyone.

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