Happy birthday

Discussion in 'General' started by Wigga1, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. To me. Finally turned 21 woot
  2. Happy Birthday man!! What are your plans for today? Depending on where you live, don't get caught drinking!
  3. Congratulations!:hello:

    I turn 21 in January, so it's still a while. Luckily, here in Canada the drinking age is 19. It used to be 18 until recently.:rolleyes:

  4. You're lucky man. In Florida the drinking age is 22. The day I turned 22 I got so drunk I blacked out and woke up in my truck in my Highschool parking lot. No idea what the hell happened. :confused_2: My highschool is about 70 miles from where we were partying. :eek:

  5. :laughing:
    Sounds like every weekend I was in Saskatchewan this last half year.

    Weird thing is, though I got completely smashed every weekend for that long, when I decided to come back to BC and make something of myself, I've had no urge whatsoever to drink.
  6. ^ I haven't gotten smashed like that in a while, normally now it's just a couple beers here and there with some friends or something. I was binge drinking for like 4 months then decided I didn't like getting hammered every night and not remembering what happened.
  7. Well already had a great morning. Girlfriend surprised me with a wake n bake and some bed action. Friends are throwing me a party later today. Going to get fucked up lol
  8. Happy Birthday

    You can gamble and drink

  9. Hellz yes!!!

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